Dallas County Prisoner Escapes at Parkland

So, all those times on some old TV show, when a prisoner uses the old pretend-to-be-sick gag to escape the guards, that’s not so ridiculous. It actually does happen:

Police believe that Affante faked a seizure, chest pains, and difficulty breathing at the jail. The jail sent him to Parkland in an ambulance. He was unhancuffed for treatment, police said.

While being taken in a wheel chair for an X-ray early Wednesday, Affante jumped up and ran, police said. A Dallas police officer was not able to catch him.

(Via DMN Crime blog)


  • Jackwagon

    The police officer wasn’t able to catch him? Maybe the physical fitness test should be a bit more stringent over at the DPD. Of course, that could be seen as discriminatory toward the more desk bound, pot bellied protectors by the DPAssoc and thus an unacceptable request.

  • We’re probably ok. They just called in this guy.

  • Blake

    Fled the scene on a DART bus no doubt.

  • Wendy

    That’s some fine police work there, Lou.

  • LocoDbag

    I heard he was on the light rail heading to the suburbs to commit more crimes. Wacka Flacka in the Hizzeee!

  • smeyers

    Did he have the little gown on and they still weren’t able to catch him? Thats pretty crazy…

  • smeyers

    even better…making his escape in the little gown on the bus