The Odd Recruiting Strategy of the George W. Bush Presidential Center

Yesterday we received an interesting bit of mail at the Rogers household. It was a letter from “The Honorable Mark Langdale, President of the George W. Bush Foundation.” It read, in part:

Through his eight years in the White House, President Bush led with courage and compassion — and that leadership continues today as President and Mrs. Bush create the George W. Bush Presidential Center thanks to the support of proud Americans like you.

Today it is a great honor to present to you a 2011 Membership Card from the Bush Center. I am sending this to you on behalf of President and Mrs. Bush, because I believe you appreciate the extraordinary service they gave our Nation and our world during their years in the White House, and that you embrace the values and ideals that President and Mrs. Bush continue to advance through the Bush Center.

Since I’ve had this Membership Card commissioned especially for you, I want to make sure that it arrived promptly, and that you will support the action-oriented programs President and Mrs. Bush are creating at the Bush Center.

So please take a moment to complete the Receipt Confirmation and Membership RSVP I’ve enclosed for you, and send it back to me today along with a tax-deductible gift of at least $25, and help President and Mrs. Bush continue their public service through the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

Sure enough, the letter came with an Official Membership Card — only it had my 12-year-old son’s name on it. In fact, The Honorable Mark Langdale sent the letter to my son. There is no doubt that the lad is a proud American. But I’d be very surprised if he pays the $25 to belong to the Bush Center.


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  • BigJonDaniel

    He broke the world

  • VM

    We’ve gotten that twice in the last year. Apparently they are working their way down the age chain.

  • amanda

    I bet the boy slammed your long distance service, too.

  • LA

    I’m a loyal democrat and have gotten 2 of these now. Whoever does their mailing list is nutty buckets.

  • Erin

    I have received a ton of these… funny thing is, I live in the gayborhood. I think they are wasting a bunch of money!

  • The Honorable Steve

    Sorry, but it’s going to take a decoder ring and a commemorative ball point to get me on board.

  • Chris Chris

    If he doesn’t pay the $25, does he get his membership revoked? How about sending it back with a card that says you gave $25 to NPR?

  • Harley (our Jack Russell) is a proud, card-carrying member as well!

  • HD

    Guess they have enough money to blanket the state with direct mail. I’ve been solicited twice, and I have no political affiliation. But I have a Collin County address, so they probably think they’re hitting their “base.”

  • mm

    When I was 12 I would have loved a membership to the Bush Center.

  • My partner got one and we put it up in our camp room next to a bottle of Marilyn Merlot and a portrait of Betty White as a Mistress.

  • jobu

    Bush and his people screwed up. And this is news how?

  • Top Cat

    Hey “Reader” this is your chance to show everyone how great you think Bush was as president (and how bad you think Obama is). Put up or shut up.

  • joeat

    There is nothing unusual about this in the solicitation world. I am a very loyal Republican and received more than one solicitation from Ted Kennedy of all people. Yuk. I was embarrassed for even the postman to see this.

    I can’t wait to get one from President B.O.

  • allison

    @ LA: same here, except I’ve received 4. The back side of the envelope actually makes a nice, big notepad before throwing in my recycling bin.

  • Long Memory

    Our dog, Max, got his card. He swore to me never voted for the guy, but I might never look at that dog in the same way again.

  • Top Cat

    My feelings are hurt – I’ve received none! Maybe they’ve seen my “Just Say No to Bush – Vote November 2, 2004” bumper sticker and realize that they probably can’t change my mind.

  • joeat

    All you naysayers, just keep on popping off, it matters none who you did or didn’t vote for, the best man won so get over it and wish you had been on the winning side.

    I have 15 and 17 year old nephews that are paid members and proud to be.

  • Avid Reader

    Hey “Cat”, not sure if you were calling my name…either way, hi there. There really is no point to discuss Bush’s positives or Obama’s negatives since “they probably can’t change my mind”. Sounds like a fun exercise though, please go first with your lengthy post on how bad you think Bush was as President (and how great you think Obama is).

  • Grumpy Demo

    “the best man won so get over ”

    Point of Fact; Actually in his fist election W lost the popular vote by more that a half-million votes (you can look it up). You seem to have forgotten his activist friends on the Supreme court gave him the job over-turning Florida voters.

    “Don’t know much about history, don’t know much about biology, . . “

  • TopCat

    Sorry “Avid Reader,” my post was not directed to you. It’s just to “Reader.”

    No need for a lengthy post. Just two words will suffice: Iraq War.

  • joeat

    @Grumpy, I well remember all of that and equally well remember who the winner was that took the oath of office on January 20, 2001.

  • Jackson

    My girlfriend and I got the same computer-collated packet. She sent a small contribution to her old college rommate Debra Lehrmann, who won a race for the state Supreme Court last fall. I signed on for free to the RNC back in ’04 because I wanted to follow their attack mail during Bush’s reelection. I’ve never re-upped.

    Hell, I’m a card-carrying member of the professional Left. I even have a Russian chauffeur, Picov Andropov.

    So, the Bush folks have pulled from a bunch of repub sources; among them current statewide contributors (including the smallest of givers) as well as more dated federal lists that have some Texas connection. Those are our only obvious tie-ins.

    As for little Timmy Typer, maybe he’s some youthful political savant who has quietly, unbeknownst to his parents, developed a keen interest in geopolitics. Or maybe he just thinks that a guy who possesses Saddam Hussein’s actual pistol is pretty cool. Hard to disagree with that, frankly.