The Odd Recruiting Strategy of the George W. Bush Presidential Center

Yesterday we received an interesting bit of mail at the Rogers household. It was a letter from “The Honorable Mark Langdale, President of the George W. Bush Foundation.” It read, in part:

Through his eight years in the White House, President Bush led with courage and compassion — and that leadership continues today as President and Mrs. Bush create the George W. Bush Presidential Center thanks to the support of proud Americans like you.

Today it is a great honor to present to you a 2011 Membership Card from the Bush Center. I am sending this to you on behalf of President and Mrs. Bush, because I believe you appreciate the extraordinary service they gave our Nation and our world during their years in the White House, and that you embrace the values and ideals that President and Mrs. Bush continue to advance through the Bush Center.

Since I’ve had this Membership Card commissioned especially for you, I want to make sure that it arrived promptly, and that you will support the action-oriented programs President and Mrs. Bush are creating at the Bush Center.

So please take a moment to complete the Receipt Confirmation and Membership RSVP I’ve enclosed for you, and send it back to me today along with a tax-deductible gift of at least $25, and help President and Mrs. Bush continue their public service through the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

Sure enough, the letter came with an Official Membership Card — only it had my 12-year-old son’s name on it. In fact, The Honorable Mark Langdale sent the letter to my son. There is no doubt that the lad is a proud American. But I’d be very surprised if he pays the $25 to belong to the Bush Center.