Newt Gingrich Hits Up The Lodge – Again

Remember how last year Newt Gingrich’s fundraising organization, Americans Solutions for Winning, told Dawn Rizos (owner of The Lodge) she was winning a big award and all she needed to do was pay $5,000 for the privilege of winning?

And then remember how Newt’s folks (and by that I mean his people, not his actual parents, although that would be pretty funny, too, now that I think of it) figured out that Rizos’ establishment was not a restaurant, but was a strip club? And then they said, “Sorry, we can’t give this fake award to a strip club, so um, we’re taking back our invitation and our award”? And then Rizos had to get the money back, and she used it to start a shelter for dogs called “Newt’s Nook”?

Well, today The Lodge’s PR man, Michael Precker, sent me a clip of the Rachel Maddow Show that is so full of funny that I actually snotted my desk. It seems that after Newt said his fact checker/screening folks would be doing a better job after the last debacle, Rizos got another letter recently, asking her to donate $1,000, or even up to $2,000. She’d even get a cool card that says she is a member. There was even a mock up of that card.

Rizos told Maddow’s show that she would like to have a conversation with Newt before she hands him any money. Instead, she sent him a membership card, too: A lifetime VIP membership card to The Lodge.


  • Hein

    Snotty desk. Gross.

  • Bethany Anderson

    I promptly cleaned it. Swear.

  • JS

    C’mon Dawn, give me one of those lifetime VIP membership cards. Heck, I would even use it!

  • Bethany Anderson

    JS, maybe she would, for you know, a year-end contribution of $1,000, or even up to $2,000.

  • I think the real burr that has to be under Newts saddle, rough rider boy that he is, is Rachel’s using his signed mallet to hammer socialist liberal points home, with such enthusiasm no less.

  • You ever have one of those “I should have said moments”?

    The last line shouild have finished with “with so much unbridled enthusiasm!”

    I love Newt really. How often do you see someone that reflects their parent’s wisdom in naming? How did they know he was going to grow up looking like a frog crossed with a snake?

  • Toonces

    These people working on fundraising have absolutely no idea who they are contacting. They are sending out thousands of requests from lists they purchase from business data banks. Truly the manager of fundraising should have done a better job filtering out the “sin” businesses and I’m glad Dawn got a good laugh out of it.