Newtoy Bigwig Responds to Bitchy Words With Friends Players

An alert FrontBurnervian pointed me to the current comments that folks are making about Words With Friends. Sample: “This app totally blows chunks!!! It’s worse that Obama!!” Folks are getting interminably long spinny wheels, along with the frustrating “rebuilding” message. Please know that I feel for everyone who has experienced these hiccups. Me, personally, since I became good, close, tight, almost brother-like friends with the Newtoy guys after we put them on the cover in June, I get my games routed through a special VIP-only server reserved for special VIPs such as Rhett Miller, Justin Bieber, and all of Chelsea Clinton’s bridesmaids. We never experience delays when we play Words With Friends. We also get non-random tile draws. Those all-vowel racks became a thing of the past the day I was promoted to the special VIP status. Thanks, Newtoy!

Anyway, I asked my best friend David Bettner, co-founder of Newtoy, what is going on with the servers for the hoi polloi. Here’s what he had to say:

We’re working as fast as we can to increase server performance to help alleviate these issues. We’ve had some bugs cause decreased server performance which is why people are experiencing long ‘updating…’ times during peak hours. Version 3.10 should help resolve these issues over the next few days as more people update.

The reality is that we’re constantly trying to stay ahead of the growth curve and this is one of those points where we’ve fallen behind a bit. We’re releasing another update (3.11) to Apple in the next few days which should help more with performance and give us a little more breathing room.
Thanks again for sending this over. Have you personally been experiencing any issues?
That last question from him was rich. It made me laugh. David! You slay me!


  • Mark

    What really wisses me off is when I’m commanded IN THE MIDDLE OF A FRIKKIN’ GAME to download a new version before being permitted to continue the game. This when my previous turn was completed maybe 15 minutes earlier.

    Requiring a version upgrade before starting a new game, that I could see, though it wouldn’t have me jumping for joy. Doing it the way they are is just bad news.

  • î„œ”dink”î„Œ

    This game is awsome. The only real problem i’ve had is the “repairing” screen was on the other night for 9.5 hours. Otherwise it works just fine. Thanks for a cool game like this

  • Evolyn

    I think it is incredibly REDICULOUS that to update the paid version we have to pay AGAIN. That is just so rediculous. I mean seriously?? You guys don’t already make enough money?! I used to be a ‘Big-Time’ player. Now I have to update ALL the time. I just switched to the Scrabble app. It is so much better. And you don’t have to wait for the your opponent to play back. PLus there aren’t any creepers. AND you don’t need internet access. Words With Friends needs to figure it out and get it together.

  • ssmmdd

    @Evolyn: Since when do you have to pay to Update it? I didn’t have to update it on my iPhone.

    Everything has problems every now and again, nothing is perfect, at least they are working on the issues and trying to fix them.

  • Just me

    I have never had to pay for a version upgrade, and you shouldn’t have to…me personally, I think it’s RIDICULOUS that people don’t spell things correctly, when the iPhone has an automatic spell check…I like this game, I think there are some bugs that are being worked out, but anytime you have this number of people playing a game on a single server you are going to experience server slowness.

  • memikeyounot

    Evolyn, if you are paying every time you get an update you are the REDICULOUS one. You’ve paid, when you install it again it tells you that you’ve already paid. And I hope you don’t try to score any points with the word REDICULOUS.

    My main complaint about WWF is that I still can’t resign if a person hasn’t taken their turn in days. I’m not all that competitive so don’t care if I lose or not but like fast playing. I don’t want the games to take a week to play and would like to be able to get rid of the player if they’re not responding.

  • Dee

    Is anyone else amused by the comments people are leaving? How can people play WORDS with Friends when they cannot spell WORDS?? I mean really, if you are going to post a comment that the whole world can see, please refer to a dictionary first. The “Big Wigs” might take you more seriously. Just sayin’

  • @Evolyn I’ve updated and did not have to pay again. Your iTunes store account should know you’ve already bought the game and give you a pop up accordingly.

    Plus, don’t knock ‘creepers’, I scored 28 points with that word.

  • johnboy

    i think i should play Evolyn. she can’t seem to spell. it would be an easy win.

  • the upgrade will not charge you again- it tells
    you that you paid once and will not have to pay again
    i hate the updates too but i love this game- nothing is perfect!!!

  • criniss

    I have had problems with the repairing screen also for the past week, but don’t mind updating. However, I also would like to be able to resign anytime. I was playing a friend of mine, and she hadn’t responded in a few days, so I asked her about it, but she said she couldn’t get back into her account and had to start a new account. Now neither one of us can resign the games.

  • Dawn

    I have never in my life heard such whiny people. I absolutely love this game. Sure, there are hiccups, but is everything supposed to be perfect. If everything was perfect in the world our unemployed numbers would skyrocket because we would not need repairmen/women of any kind. We would not need anybody to fix anything. In other words a lot of you that are whining about this game would more than likely not have jobs. Look at your cup as half full instead of half empty. It is truly a much better way to go through life. Just a thought

  • How my iPhone spends it’s free time…

  • tmama57

    Words With Friends is an excellent AP. It is my favorite next in line to Solitaire and Hasbro Scrabble (which you can play against the computer or players on facebook)No iPhone,iPod required. Thanks NewToy!

  • Katie

    @DMBurrows HA!!!! Love it.

  • Re: Pay for update?

    No no NO. EN OH.

    This is false, you do not have to pay for the update. Even if you delete the app and go to the app store and tap buy, you will not be charged.

    Hypothetically if you DO get charged a second time then you just get in touch with Apple and say, “Hey Apple, I already paid for that app, refund me please.”

    And they will. Just like magic.

  • Bethany Anderson

    What’s a creeper, anyway? Because now I have that TLC song stuck in my head.

  • Carol

    This game is seriously moronic. It accepts “words” like “qi,” “za,” etc., which are not words in English according to my dictionaries, but says things like “xray” are not acceptable. In addition, it’s slow, has lots of “hiccups” like letters getting hung up in the grid and having to re-boot to fix it. I paid for this but I wish I could get my money back, it really pisses me off. I heartily DO NOT RECOMMEND this game.

  • Mo

    There is an iPhone app called ZA that helps you learn the 2 letter words, QI and ZA are both legal words BTW.

  • Tim Neet

    Words with Friend performance has really been bad this last week. Is there anyway for users to check on WWF performance issues or status? and maybe a schedule for fixes?

  • WwFjunkie

    @Carol and Evolyn- you are both ridiculous, I am sure playing you both would be an easy win. Xray is not a word, the word is hyphenated “x-ray, hence it will not be accepted. Buy a dictionary or download one of the many free dictionary aps, where you will indeed find words such as qi and za. Stop the stupidity, embrace knowledge.

    I love this app! Hiccups are understandable and if anything remind us all of the true value of patience.

  • Kieran Lee

    Za does not appear in my dictionary – what does it mean?