Leading Off: (8/2/10)

1. “You know, officer, I did run that red light. But now that I know that I’m not supposed to run red lights, you could reasonably project that I won’t run it again. So that ticket really is undeserved. In the future, I will be very effective at not running red lights. So tear it up, please.” — Excerpt from a future conversation when the Texas Education Agency takes over the Department of Public Safety.

2. My new judicial hero is D. Michael Lynn, the judge who is overseeing the Texas Rangers bankruptcy proceedings. Why, you ask? Because in other cases, rather than levying fines against lawyers who get out of line in his court, he assigns them lengthy essays on legal matters: “If a lawyer tried to fight the punishment, ‘he’d be laughed out of circuit court,’ according to a person familiar with the judge’s thinking,” the Star-Telegram reports. Basically, if you are a lawyer, don’t mess with Judge Lynn:

But it’s clear that the judge quickly grasps, even anticipates, attorneys’ moves and strategies. He can cut short arguments to sum up, cite extensive case law and advise how he will rule. The trim, short judge may joke good-naturedly one minute, then pounce when an attorney violates his brand of courtroom decorum.

3. Say what you want about Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, the man significantly contributes to the Dallas City Council’s entertainment level. First he waged war on saggy pants, then window signage, now, as the Morning News’ Rudy Bush wryly reports, Caraway wants to get rid of cigar rolling papers, which are sometimes used by marijuana smokers to roll “blunts.” How do we know the papers are used this way? Caraway’s Public Safety committee received a thorough briefing on just how one goes about rolling a blunt.


  • Daniel

    2. Hey, that’s no trim, short judge! That’s my wife!