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Dallas County Republicans Attack Nancy Pelosi With “Moneybomb”

By Tim Rogers |

Remember awhile back when Craig Watkins dropped a “money bomb” with “justice explosives“? It seemed like he was doing a sort of fundraising satire that I couldn’t grasp. Well, now Jonathan Neerman and the Dallas County Republicans have dropped their own “moneybomb,” which has been designed to tell Nancy Pelosi that “we have had enough.” This latest effort got me wondering whether the Republicans had plundered Watkins’ special cache of munitions, because I’d never heard of a moneybomb before, either written as one word or two. According to this Wikipedia entry, the term was first applied to a 2007 fundraising effort of Ron Paul’s. And now you know (if you didn’t already).

Here at D Magazine, we’re thinking about launching a similar effort targeted to our advertisers. We know cash is tight, though. So we’re going to fire a trade scud. (Still needs workshopping?)