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Leading Off (7/22/10)

By Krista Nightengale |

1. My favorite kind of kid is the one I get to hang out with and the second he turns grumpy, I give him back to his parents. But this kid is quickly rising on my kids-I-like list. He not only calmed down his neighbor when she got a snake bite, but he also tied a tourniquet around her leg. The reason he knew what to do? Boy Scout training and cable TV. See? We can all get along.

2. I love this story. Not just because the 8-year-old boy saved his 2-year-old sister. And not just because they’re both incredibly adorable. But also because that little boy has some great acting skills.

3. You know what happens to cute, little kids? They grow up to be teenagers. And we all know that teenagers love to text, even while they’re on the road. (And let’s not kid ourselves. We do this, too.) One Irving company is trying to prevent people from doing this. They have launched an app that will shut off your texting capabilities if your car is traveling more than 10 miles per hour. Just one question: if people are unwilling to stop texting and driving, why do the owners of this company think they’ll be willing to spend $10 to download an app that will prevent them from texting and driving?