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Lamplighter Headmaster Is “Shocked,” Ctd.

By Tim Rogers |

I’m scratching my head about this thing. Here’s what I don’t understand: Bill Brewer, Cohen’s lawyer, charges $900 per hour. His client can’t afford those fees. So how much does Brewer think he can get out of Lamplighter for defamation and all the rest? Maybe $500,000? Maybe? And who is going to pay that settlement? Why, the Lamplighter parents, of course. A brief note will go out informing parents that their child’s tuition is going up so the school can pay the settlement and its own legal fees. So if Brewer wins, he’ll wind up pissing off a big group of some of the richest, most influential people in town.

I wonder if he has done the risk-reward analysis on this. How much does he stand to make on this case if he wins? Is that worth all the future business it’ll likely cost him?