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Will Print Media Survive, Ctd.

By Jason Heid |

Community newspapers, like our own People Newspapers, will be delivered to your front lawn long after metro papers like the Morning News go entirely to some form–which, I’m guessing, hasn’t exactly been invented yet–of electronic delivery.

Hyper-local publications are counting on “refrigerator journalism” to keep the presses running. Half the job of putting together a neighborhood paper is making sure you’re running enough photos of cute kids and puppy dogs to keep parents cutting out articles to hang on the fridge.

But the new-fangled hyper-local blogging media is cribbing from that playbook. Witness the Junior Reporters’ Program at Roseland After School Academy, run by Shawn Williams of the Dallas South News site. These videos provide the frightening evidence: An army of cute kids outfitted with probing questions with which to prod sources? They’re coming for you, Park Cities People.