DMN Wakes Up, Hires Evan Grant Back

Awhile back, the Morning News made a big mistake. It entered into a content-sharing agreement with the Star-Telegram wherein it ceded baseball coverage to its crosstown rival. Then it took the best baseball writer in town and put him on the Cowboys beat. I’m talking about Evan Grant. So we hired him and launched InsideCorner, which was an immediate success. It drew a sizable audience, and the Observer just named it the best blog in town.

Then ESPN announced it was launching a Dallas site, and the Morning News soiled its drawers. After the newspaper took a shower and got itself cleaned up, it called Evan and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse (and that we, sadly, couldn’t match). So much for its arrangement with the Star-Telegram. Sharing is all well and fine when you can control the market. But when the Worldwide Leader comes to town, all bets are off.

In any case, Evan has written a few words of farewell over on InsideCorner. We’re going to miss the guy. Personally, I’ve never followed baseball that closely. I began reading Evan’s coverage out of a professional obligation. Checking in on the blog wound up being a pleasure rather than a chore, and I learned a lot about baseball this year. So cheers, friend. Thanks for the great season.

And don’t let the door hit you in the ass, traitor.


  • Yes, Tim, it’s been a pleasure to explain to you that the Rangers could not possibly meet the Yankees in the World Series since they are, in fact, in the same league.

    The Star-Telegram arrangement is not going away. The two papers continue to share baseball coverage. But the DMN is adding to its online coverage and its supplemental coverage. Readers will get the best of both worlds.

  • Don’t ever call me again. And don’t ask me to walk your stinkin’ dog. I wish I could hear Randy Galloway right now. Are you going to call the blog InsideCorner? Wick will sue you stupid. Oh, you are already stupid. And no, I am not bitter.

  • DGirl

    I think the real reason Evan is leaving is because Nancy made him wear the cheesehead in public.

  • NOW hire Kevin…..

  • @Evan: I like this line of thinking. By the same reasoning, if I were to start seeing a mistress, I wouldn’t really be cheating. I’d be supplementing my marriage. The kids would get the best of both worlds.

  • @Tim: No, Tim, I think along your analogy, you’d would be getting the best of both worlds. Your kids would be getting nothing.

    Try that one on your wife.

    Love ya. Mean it.

  • GuiltyBystander

    Good for Evan.

    Typical DMN, trying to fix yet another mistake by throwing money at it. Doesn’t matter who DMN hires, its web site will soon by blown away by It has happened in Chicago, it will happen here.

  • Buddy

    Gee nobody writing about the RANGERS. I’LL live. Observers the best blog anyway. Ya’ll up to what 6 maybe 7 post a day now. He was the most prolific writer of the bunch, but the Rangers?

  • brett

    wait….dallas still has a newspaper?

  • @GuiltyBystander: Thanks for your kind wishes, but our greatest hope here is that your wrong. We want to provide local sports coverage, generated by local folks intended for local customers. We will do everything we can to make the DMN site the best it possibly can be.

  • I hope Evan can talk the DMN into increasing their section on religion.

  • Rawlins Gilliland

    Where is Matt Mosley when I need him……..

  • louis

    So does this mean Evan can’t contribute to the occasional SideDish post?

  • @Buddy:I’ve always lived by this motto: What I serve up may not be very good, but I’ll give you a lot of it.

    You don’t know what you have been missing.

  • GhettoBear04

    Heh…soiled drawers. Funny.

    I checked out the ESPN Dallas. As a big Dallas sports fan living in Houston, I must say I’m pretty impressed. A local sportscenter, blogs on the Cowboys and Rangers by people who used to work for DMN, and a much (x100) better layout. Good luck guys, ESPN looks like they’re for real.

  • This makes all the sense in the world. There’s a lesson to this to a lot of journos. If you are good, the market will make a place for you. But Evan is great at what he does. Just have to keep reinventing yourself. Congrats Evan for making it happen.

  • I agree, GhettoBear. So much easier to navigate. The pages load quickly. Everything is in places that make sense.

    It’s what a Web site should do. Other sites should take note.

  • B. Money

    @Evan. . . have you seen Google Wave? That seems like the technology that would revolutionize an online participative blog. It’s in Beta testing now. Hopefully you can tell the folks at Belo exactly what they need in terms of technology to enable the exchange.

    I won’t check out ESPN until they have an site. Actually, I won’t check them out after that, either.