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Homeowners Group, Ctd.

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How many hoops do you have to jump through to cancel the Briefing paper? The ever-vigilant Merriman Park/University Manor homeowners association has an e-mail update:

We have learned that The Dallas Morning News has changed the number to call if you wish to stop the “Briefing” paper being thrown in your driveway. When you speak to the “Account Manager” you can also stop the Neighborhood Shopper if you no longer wish to receive the ads in your mailbox.

To stop receiving the “Briefing” and/or the “Neighborhood Shopper” just call (214) 745-8383

You can also use their web interface to stop the Briefing but need to call the above number if you want to also stop the Neighborhood Shopper.

Here is where you can go online to cancel the Briefing:

And, while we’re on the subject, a fed-up FBvian offers a cautionary tale:

I just thought I’d write you about our experience on calling to get the Briefing stopped — we had to call FOUR times before they stopped coming. And, on that last call, we told them we were going to cancel our subscription (weekend) to the DMN altogether if they didn’t stop throwing it in our yard. That threat, or the “fourth time’s a charm” rule got them stopped. But, it did take some perseverance.