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Homeowners Group: Briefing Helps Bad Guys

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Ed Bark wrote about the problem in D CEO. Now the Merriman Park/University Manor homeowners association has chimed in with an irritated-sounding e-mail alert, contending the DMN freebie called Briefing can be a “neon sign to criminals saying you are not at home”:

Many of you have complained about the Dallas Morning News creating a lot of litter around the neighborhood and your own driveways with their small “Briefing” edition of the paper being tossed in driveways.

After visiting with the Morning News about this, they tell me they sent a postcard out telling residents this paper would be delivered and if they did not want it, they needed to opt out. Some number of residents do not recall receiving this postcard so that opportunity to opt out was missed. The Dallas Morning News should have reversed this with their postcards and asked people to opt in. But then they would not be able to deliver to as many homes as they most likely figured out that less people would take the time to opt in. That resulted in residents receiving something they did not want.

Whether or not you received this opportunity to opt out, if you want these papers discontinued at your residence, all you have to do is call The Dallas Morning News Briefing Delivery at 214-977-8333 and request your paper be stopped.

If you wish to continue receiving this paper then do nothing. However, if you are going to be away for anytime, please ask your neighbors to pick yours up for you because when these are allowed to collect, its like a neon sign to criminals saying you are not at home.