Leading Off (4/1/09): April Fool’s Day Edition

1. The Dallas Cowboys just traded Tony Romo to the Denver Broncos for Jay Cutler. Gotcha! I’m only kidding!

2. Frito-Lay has launched a nationwide recall on its pistachios over fears of salmonella contamination. A Frito-Lay spokesman made a gesture toward his slacks and said: “I got your salty nuts right here!” No he didn’t! That’s a joke! I had you going there for a minute!

3. According to mandatory personal financial statements submitted this week by Dallas City Council candidates, District 7 challenger Chazz Redd owns 100,000 shares of Citigroup, which could cause a conflict of interest. Zing! Pow! That look on your face was priceless! Oh, man. Classic.


  • WhiteRockEagle

    “Jake” Cutler? Seriously, dude–even Ms. Eagle knows it Jay. Man up.

  • IJS

    Bring Adam back.

  • Uh Huh!

    Yeah, is the April Fool’s joke that you’re not going to be funny?

  • Capasso

    Tim’s favorite Cowboy QB? Trey Aikman.

  • RayRayRay

    This Leading Off was posted 30 minutes later than most, and it was so worth the wait. Hilarious!

  • matt

    That financial article is absurd. Is the Redd thing is a terrible joke or did you mean Margolin? And Don Sanders reported “up to(!!) a 100 shares of Citigroup.” Wow, 100 shares. I’m surprised Vikram Pandit wasn’t consulting him on strategic decisions.

    If equity holdings require recusation then the DMN better get started auditing every sizable mutual fund held by city officials. Not much will be accomplished when every member recuses him/herself from every issue remotely involved with a Russell 1000 company.

  • Daniel

    Tim, your April Fool’s pranks are like playing hide-and-seek with a 3-year-old. Here I am, Daddy!

    You have a sufficient audience to have pulled a monstrously cruel prank. And you, sir, blew it.

  • JS

    The lack of humor in fact was the prank. It appears that Tim’s ingenious trap snared at least several of you!

  • @ JS: Thank you.

  • RayRayRay

    @JS: So what’s his excuse for the remaining 364 days of the year?

  • J$

    haha “salty nutz” = priceless

  • matt

    The Redd joke or mistake clarification aside, I was making fun of the DMN article only. I just refuse to comment there. They only have room for the bashing of “uhleguls”.

  • IJS

    Tim Rogers = JS

    (It’s like Marty Cortland complimenting Alibaster Abthernabther.)