Dallas Writer Exposes Male Thinking About Women

When I heard there was a new book out from Dallas’ Brown Books Publishing called Secrets From Inside The Clubhouse: What Men REALLY Think About Women, I thought of that old C&W song, the one where Waylon sings: “I got a good woman/What’s the matter with me/What makes me wanna love every woman I see?” And, Ron Stout’s book is apparently of that mindset. Among the North Dallas scribe’s secrets: “Act more feminine and we’ll be more masculine” (Secret No. 5); “Ask us … don’t tell us what to do” (No. 10); and “Speak English, we don’t understand Womaneze” (No. 25). Any other “secrets” out there?


  • Puddin’Tane

    And what do women really think of men?

    I have a used paper target from the gun range to show you. 🙂

  • the cynic

    ouch, @ Puddin’Tane, such hostility. Can’t we just all get along? After all, men have never disguised our true intentions. We’re really fairly simple to figure out.

  • Daniel

    Womeneze, womaneze
    Womaneze me in
    We’ll take
    Long gettin’ home
    Womaneze me in

    Trite stereotype #27:
    Don’t get mad that we haven’t intuited what you never told us. No, we shouldn’t have known. This is an age-old one-two — 1) the Man gets an unwinnable hand, 2) you get an excuse to nurse a grievance, which gives you a form of power.

    Now give Daddy some sugar.

    Hey!! ( ….?)

    Womaneze, womaneze
    Womaneze me in …

  • Jb

    I rarely think about Women. Its more of a reaction or a kind of reflex, if you will.

  • Glenn’s Long Suffering Wife

    @Glenn: I’ll let you in on a little secret. You’re gonna get some “womaneze” when you get home and brace yourself. . . it ain’t gonna be pretty. Remember, dear. . . she, who rules the household appliances, controls your life.

    And, please, don’t complain about my use of commas and ellipses

  • *giggles at above post*

  • Daniel

    You’d better get a head start on guessin’, Glenn. And on a-quakin’.

  • Puddin’Tane

    I wonder if Glenn’s Long Suffering Wife goes to the gun range….

  • Julie

    Secret No. 31

    Women don’t give a damn what men think about anything.

  • mm

    I always thought that “brace yourself” was what Glenn said to GLSW.

  • Glenn’s Long Suffering Wife

    @mm: He did. Right after I said, “I do.”

  • Daniel


    And vice versa. But if we don’t pretend, we piss each other off. And here all our problems began.

  • Talmadgey

    I think I know what men think ABOUT most often, but I have to admit I don’t really know what they think about women these days. It’s like What Women Want but in a weird sort of reverse. I’m intrigued.

  • LMurphy

    Legacy Books is my home away from home. I was in there last night and heard that the author was going to be there for a book signing next Saturday.

  • Talmadgey

    LMurphy: Next Saturday as in the 11th or the 18th?

  • LMurphy

    The 18th. It’s short though. His website says it’s from 6-7.

  • Andrea

    This is a grrreat book. I have read it and it is totally worth reading. You will learn a lot!!!!

  • maggie

    how many times has the author been married and divorced, hmmmmmmmmm?