GameStop: Selling to the Ladies is Tricky

Did you know women only want to play video games that teach them how to cook and dance? And that they’ll do anything to get their hands on a free subscription to Good Housekeeping? I just learned that myself. Thanks to this GameStop training video on selling to women, I’ve been enlightened. 

I initially thought this video was a fake, but it turns out that the Grapevine-based company’s “Sharpen the Mind, Shape the Body” promotion is the real thing, so who can say? I get that it’s sarcasm, but behind the jokes are a lot of outmoded ideas. Here’s a thought: Hire more women to work in the stores, and let the menfolk learn by example. (H/T: Consumerist)


  • Well, for most gamers, women are an alien tribe they’ve rarely encountered. So there’s that.

    [/spoken as a first degree gaming geek and comic book nerd.]

  • PS — Seems to be taken down in your link, or else something is wrong with my computermagig.

    It’s up here: