Kay Bailey Hutchison Plays Some Trump Cards

Take a look at the “statewide leadership team” she released over the weekend.  You’ll immediately note Robert Rowling, whom Governor Perry appointed to the chairmanship of the UT Board of Regents (and whose Omni Hotels just bought a 50% share of Bob’s). You might pass over Louis Beecherl, but don’t: he’s the most influential GOP businessman in Dallas. And you’ll note three sitting members of Congress from Dallas-Fort Worth who don’t seem to have any problem endorsing a primary candidate: Kay Granger, Michael Burgess, and Kenny Marchant.

UPDATE: KBH’s people seem to have taken the list down off her website. Hmmm. Perhaps someone was on it who wasn’t supposed to be?


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11 responses to “Kay Bailey Hutchison Plays Some Trump Cards”

  1. Doug says:

    This is going to get interesting QUICK

  2. Nathan says:

    This primary is going to be urban republicans (likely to choose KBH) v. rural conservatives (likely to side with Perry). The million dollar question is how many urban republicans can still be counted on to vote in this primary in light of the losses that the Dallas and Harris Co. GOPs have suffered recently.

  3. ConservTexan says:

    I agree that KBH will do well among urban and suburban Republicans. But she also has deep, historic ties with rural Texas. She appeared this morning before 400 people at a Texas Farm Bureau meeting in Austin and got several standing ovations. She reminded them how the Farm Bureau supported her for State Treasurer in 1990 and they’ve been close ever since.
    She got particular applause when she reminded them how she tried to uphold private property rights — even as Perry & TxDot were trying to grab millions of acres through eminent domain to turn over to a Spanish company in the big Trans Texas Corridor overreach. Now, of course, Perry is all for private property. “I didn’t just recently have an ephiphany on private property — I’ve been a supporter of property rights my entire public career,” she reminded the Farm Bureau.
    Here’s another item. KBH has visited every single country in Texas….all 254 of them. Sounds easy? Nobody else except John Tower has done that in recent memory. She takes pride in having an organization in every one of those counties. Ever seen Perry around Texas? Not many people have….he doesn’t work very hard, and he’s not in touch with a broad cross-section.
    So yes, KBH will do well in and around the cities. No, Perry will not do that well in the rural areas, because she is also strong in small towns and among farmers and ranchers.

  4. ConservTexan says:

    Whoops. Always read before you hit the “submit comment” button.

    I meant 254 Texas counties, not countries.

  5. Texas Conservative says:

    Texas Republican primary voters are conservatives. They want the true conservative. They’ll go for Perry, the true conservative in the race.

  6. Congress of the Cow says:

    No link when you click through to see list –

    would be sorry to see her leave the US Senate but couldn’t wait to see her run against arguably the best hair and emptiest suit in the history of Texas governors

  7. Tom says:

    Don’t forget that all the “liberals” in Dallas, Houston and Austin who voted for Democrats last fall will be able to vote for KBH in the GOP primary. Texas (thankfully) doesn’t require party affiliation for primary participation.

  8. Doug says:

    Will there be a TRUE conservative in the race? Not with Perry and KBH.

  9. Glenn Hunter says:

    There were some mighty interesting local names on the now-withdrawn list: Don Carty, Elaine Agather, Cary Maguire, Terdema Ussery, Jan Collmer, Mike Moses, Norm Brinker. At the same time, a “top GOP insider” told me the other day that pressure is intense and building on KBH to stay in the Senate rather than run for guv, because she’s more valuable to the party in D.C.

  10. Buck says:

    That whole “more valuable to the party in DC” is a Perry plant.

    The minute she leaves, she will be replaced by another Republican. The only way the GOP can lose the seat is by losing an election.

  11. Glenn Hunter says:

    Buck: You’re overlooking the seniority issue and the fact that anything can happen in a statewide election–especially in this new Obama era. So the concern is not merely a “Perry plant.”