Chase Bank’s Dallas Chief Sees A Turnaround By 2013; Magic 8 Ball Concurs

Anne Motsenbocker, president of the Dallas region of JPMorgan Chase Bank, spoke to a room full of business-types and made the above prediction. More precisely, she said she thinks it will be 2013 before the national economy could be described as “robust.” Motsenbocker (try to type that quickly) made that statement as speaker at this morning’s CEO Netweavers Leadership Breakfast at the Park City Club. Being a hard-core investigative blogger, I of course immediately rushed back to my office to ask the Online Magic 8 Ball if she is right. It told me to “Please ask again.” I asked again, and it said, “Signs point to yes.” So, there you have it.

UPDATE: I just asked the Magic 8 Ball the same question and this time it said “Maybe.” I’m starting to question the reliability of this thing.


  • MG

    🙁 I asked the same question and it said “You’re going to die.”

  • towski

    Concentrate and ask again.

  • Dave Moore

    This Magic 8 Ball is much more aggressive than it should be. I should probably take it in and have it looked at.

  • towski

    Don’t count on it.

  • Mikey

    If it’s gonna take that long, I think I need an eight ball right about now!


    Wow. 2013 seems like a long way off…

  • JB

    Remember when we thought by 2013 we would all be in flying cars and wearing tight jumpsuits? Or at least have had 1 or 2 nukular holocausts? I feel we are not achieving our potential. Somebody better get spandex and shoulder pads in style quick.