On A Slow News Day, We’re Happy To Help The DMN

At 10:13 a.m., Wick put up a post with Tom Leppert’s non-denial denial regarding his possible run for KBH’s seat. At 12:19 p.m., Rudy Bush put up a story on Dallasnews.com with the same non-denial denial, saying that Leppert was knocking down “rumors.” Gosh, where did those rumors come from? Guys, we’re seven people in a near-deserted office just before the holidays, but please give us credit when you follow us. We give you credit, all 350-plus of you, with plenty of links and nods and hat tips every day.


  • El Rey


    Shouldn’t you be down at the police station doing the 635 shooter line-up right now?

    Remember – Wick and Tim are not good alibis. They might throw you under the bus so you can do a deep cover reporting assignment about the conditions at the jail.

  • ben

    “nods and hat tips everyday” – Give me a break.
    Just keep tellin’ yourself that while patting yourself on the back. Again.

  • mm

    Kinda like the Grapevine Faith football story that Unfair Park posted first? 🙂

  • Yes, that’s exactly the same.

  • mm

    Didn’t say exactly, said kinda.

  • Just saying there’s a difference between posting a link from ESPN.com and reporting.

    Jesus, what am I doing? It’s Christmas Eve. Never mind. As you were.