Best Jukebox Bars In Dallas

Fans of drinking, music, and/or Web features should check out our words and pictures on the subject of jukebox bars in Dallas. Huge hat tips to Amanda Mann for the words, Samuel Solomon for the pics, and Online Art Director Stephen Edmondson for making them look good on the site. Lee Harvey’s is pictured at left. That’s one of the bars. Read the story for the rest.


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15 responses to “Best Jukebox Bars In Dallas”

  1. Bethany says:

    No Cock and Bull??

  2. T Sizzle or Fizzle says:

    How about the Cavern upstairs?

  3. dallasboiler says:

    It’s great to see Cosmo’s on the list. In the 5-6 years that I’ve been going there, I always thought it had one of the best jukeboxes in town.

  4. Puddin'Tane says:

    City Tavern.

  5. LakeWWWooder says:

    I have to say that the Lakewood Landing had a better juke box in the Lucille days (30-something years) – but then I like more big band. I used to groove to “Elmer’s Tune” then go across to Genaro’s to see Eduardo (now Monica) and salsa on Sunday nights…

  6. Dallas Can't Academy says:

    I would think The Cavern doesn’t get a vote because of the DJ schedule. You don’t control the music the whole night through.

    I don’t get to go out too much anymore, so refresh my memory- How about the Doublewide?

  7. amandacobra says:

    Doublewide used to have an old fashioned jukebox. But in the past year or so, they replaced it with the digital touchscreen kind where you download your tracks. Or something.

  8. QuinnFan says:

    In spite of a little Lenny Kravitz, the Quinn in Oak Cliff has the hippest jukebox in the entire city, hands down

  9. SB says:

    This is best jukeboxes in Dallas. Not half-breed ghettos/suburbs.

    Have fun with that, Frontburner.

  10. Noah says:

    I agree with most of these joints, though I seem to remember Cosmo’s having the Grease soundtrack on their jukebox, which one would hope you deducted some points for.

  11. Pete says:

    It’s a shame the story did not include the addresses of the bars you profiled.

  12. dave little says:

    Pete, it’s a shame you haven’t figured out all the cool little gizmos that the internet provides. Like google maps, for instance. and youporn.

  13. brandy says:

    Seriously… has no one thought of the Grapevine? Really? Really?

  14. East Dallas Eccentric says:

    Um if you don’t know where these places are you are just not cool..

  15. JC says:

    Cosmos? Really? We are in Texas. Surely with a bit of exploration there is something worthy of mention outside of Deep Ellum, Downtown and the Lower Greenville areas. I think you just barely grazed the surface.