Who Wants To Go To TX/OU With This Guy?

It’s no charge, but he has a few requirements:

1) at least a moderately attractive female
2) a UT fan, wearing orange
3) able to withstand the potentially overwhelming smell of bourbon & vodka
4) willing to run outside at halftime to (legally) pound lukewarm, flat Fair beers
5) conversational on the qualities of at least 3 UT players on each of defense & offense

Transportation, Fletchers Corn Dogs and an uncomfortably warm flask of booze during the game will be provided. Depending upon the outcome of the game, postgame midway rides may also be included.

To answer your question, the guy who put this up on craigslist was not me. As far as you know.


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13 responses to “Who Wants To Go To TX/OU With This Guy?”

  1. Sway says:

    This guy/girl sounds like a real catch! Too bad there is no picture to help with the decision making! Also, it would be helpful if they could expand on the brand of alcohol in the flask…..I personally wouldn’t go for anything less than Jamison in the flask. But I am also a Sooner and you can’t pay me enough money to wear Burnt Orange, no matter the amount of free Corn Dogs and Midway rides

  2. DGirl says:

    I’m suspicious. Aside from the request to wear orange, this guy is clearly seeking an Oklahoma girl.

  3. Adamundo says:

    Break out the binoculars… he gave up his seat location. We need someone to get a picture of the uncomfortable winner.

  4. another amanda says:

    I’m up for it, as long as Bethany would be my wing man, er…woman…

  5. Bethany says:

    I would, but I’ll be knee-deep in party preparations.

  6. another amanda says:

    Okay, I’m going to ask my husband if I can go…Bethany, consider yourself “on-call” lest I be shoved out of an Altima on the tollway.

  7. Bethany says:

    See, Amanda’s gonna go to the pants party, instead of my party.

  8. Sean Avery says:

    I’ll go with him

  9. another amanda says:

    You’ll have to fight me first.

  10. Sean Avery says:

    Let’s you and I fight him and go together…

  11. another amanda says:

    Me likes.

  12. Tony says:

    Why does everyone assume the poster is a male? UT women enjoy game company as well.

  13. Daniel says:

    I can see this translated into a traditional personal ad:

    Looking for that special someone to pound lukewarm beers with on a broiling, littered blacktop. My interests include college football and corn dogs. Friends say I smell overwhelmingly of bourbon and vodka … but you be the judge.