Leading Off (9/26/08)

1. DISD trustees delayed for another week a decision on whether to lay off hundreds of teachers to help erase the district’s budget shortfall, asking for more details. I’m thinking by this story is going to test Mark Cuban’s theory that the media can only stay interested in something for three weeks, tops.

2. The Dallas Plan Commission denied a request to change the name of Ross Avenue to Chavez Avenue. See, Mark? I’ve been typing about this story for, lemme see, 41 weeks now? BTW, my new idea: poll people for 24 hours only along Ross Avenue. See if the name change passes. I’ve got 20 bucks I know the outcome.

3. Speaking of stories the media never tires of: The State Fair of Texas opens today! Wheeeee! Who wants fried Coke for lunch? Besides me?


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9 responses to “Leading Off (9/26/08)”

  1. Let’s rename Malcolm X Blvd for Barefoot Sanders!

  2. Droopydave says:

    @Trey: nice idea; poke another hornets nest

    @Eric: I think polling people on Ross would present a challenge. If you polled Ross north of 45/75 you might get a different result than polling Ross in the Central Business District.

  3. Daniel says:

    If conducted your poll on Ross right around Fitzhugh or Garrett, several respondents would answer your question by posing another one: Do you need a date?

  4. J Paul says:

    I would think fried Coke would burn your nostrils.

  5. Emilio Velasquez, Jr. says:

    “This [movement] is not just about renaming this street. It’s not just about pride. It’s not just about self-esteem. It’s about building a movement that is going to change this community. …You are going to decide who sits around this [City Council] horseshoe,” Hector Flores, past president of LULAC, told about 130 supporters after the vote.

    This is what you gabachos will rightfully reap for forsaking a happy Trini Lopez Parkway wandering lazily beneath its fragrant lemon trees under the smiling sun!

    This is what you gabachos will rightfully reap for allowing the chupacabra Trey to spirit our cabras away to his village of Potemkin north of Ponder, where even now he gnaws their living bones while peering first right, then left with his baleful, unblinking gollem eyes!

    This is the ugly political beast you have unleashed upon your house, gabachos, where city business will now be conducted by Piolín Poll, where committee chairs will be awarded by number of middle names, and where annual reviews will be graded on the pronunciation of “Izaguirre”.

    Woe unto you, gabachos, but it is still not too late!

    Vote happy Trini Lopez Parkway instead!

    Now and Forever!


  6. Kirk says:

    Emilio … buey … your Trini Lopez recommendation makes a lot of sentido comun. The man was born in Dallas and his full name, Trinidad, honors the proyecto del rio.

    Kirk, el rey de gabachos

  7. Puddin'Tane says:

    Trini Lopez!!!!

    Anyhoo, Eric, if you poll on Sunday down at Our Lady then I’m sure of the outcome as well. How’s your Spanish? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure quite a few of the folks you’ll be polling won’t speak English.


  8. Sean Avery says:

    I’ll poll anyone you put in front of me.

  9. mm says:

    To paraphrase Les Nessman, as God is my witness, I thought Ross ran NE to SW.

    But point taken. Two very different streets, depending on which side of 75 you’re on.