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Leading Off (9/26/08)


1. DISD trustees delayed for another week a decision on whether to lay off hundreds of teachers to help erase the district’s budget shortfall, asking for more details. I’m thinking by this story is going to test Mark Cuban’s theory that the media can only stay interested in something for three weeks, tops.

2. The Dallas Plan Commission denied a request to change the name of Ross Avenue to Chavez Avenue. See, Mark? I’ve been typing about this story for, lemme see, 41 weeks now? BTW, my new idea: poll people for 24 hours only along Ross Avenue. See if the name change passes. I’ve got 20 bucks I know the outcome.

3. Speaking of stories the media never tires of: The State Fair of Texas opens today! Wheeeee! Who wants fried Coke for lunch? Besides me?