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13 responses to “Gordon Keith’s Christmas Ornaments”

  1. sarah says:

    Urgh! No more plays on, “that’s just Manny being Manny.” Pretty please.

  2. Just another example of why the news business is fast turning into the entertainment business and a newspaper is trying to find ANY way it can to make money and stay afloat. Never in my life would I ever thought that the news business would come to this. Of course, the Star-T has shown a little more ability to take risks, The DaFoWo Show, is an excellent example of this.

    Of course, you could always read Ruben Navarrette’s explanation of why he didn’t see the Edwards deal as worthy of a column when he’s known about it for weeks.

  3. Tom says:

    I doubt that the folks at the Star-T want anyone to create a Texas Seven ornament. It’s an example of something that’s a good idea, but should be limited to selected Star-T photographs, not the entire library.

  4. KC says:

    @Tom Exactly. We’re aware of the problem and are working on a solution.

  5. Bethany says:

    It kind of reminds me of when – and I forget which Web site – discovered that you could make Hitler, John Wayne Gacy, etc., stamps at

  6. Spamboy says:

    @Bethany You’re thinking of the greatness that is Smoking Gun:

  7. jrp says:

    great point, Don, and it’s something the old, dead-tree media types pilfered from The Onion of all places, as least, far as i can tell, as The Onion has been hawking its headlines on t-shirts, mugs et al for years

    and it’s not just newspapers, as has been doing something similar for a while, at least a few months if not longer

    on the other point about the hot plate of steamy mess that is John Edwards, i feel one of the unforeseen tragedies of all the pseudo-journalists that were born of the Interwebs, at least as far as news dissemination goes, is that when everyone has a voice no one can be heard

    so the MSM rags on the National Enquirer for being a piece of crap and yet it’s the Enquirer editors that have the balls to publish the piece and scoop everyone while Navarette and the rest sit on their hands bemoaning the state of newspapers etc.

    pathetic, the Edwards mess and the coverage of it…he’s so effin smarmy that he goes on ABC the same night as the opening ceremonies knowing that 3B of us would be tuned to NBC all night

    my head hurts

  8. Bethany says:

    @ Spamboy – ah, yes. Gracias!

  9. @ jrp, my point exactly about the timing of it all. The thing about the new media is it never sleeps and weekends don’t mean as much as they used to in the way of being dead zones. But if anyone thinks Edwards’ timing was an accident, I’ve got some beach front property right next to Rielle’s house….

  10. jrp says:

    i truly believe too many old school journalists still haven’t grasped the whole 24/7 thing and CNN has been on the air for what? 26-28 years now

    24/7 means just that and some of the media, i can think of a handful of folks at one major daily, for instance, are nothing but a bunch of geriatric desk jockeys that punch a clock once at about 9:45 a.m. and again at about 6 p.m. with a two-hour (expensed) lunch in there and about 25 inches of trite nonsensical egotistical garbage for a column while the National Enquirer, Drudge and the rest of the new media are posting all day and night, tracking leads and covering a beat

    yeah yeah job cuts and more with less. i know all about it. but i just think so many old media folks have been sitting around with their thumbs up their arse for so long that now they’re hoping to just reach 62 and retire with some sort of nest egg that it’s damning the profession for the rest of us

    but what do i know?

  11. jrp says:

    and, no, i don’t mean the National Enquirer is new media, just saying that like their ethics or business model or not they pound the pavement looking for the news rather sitting around navel gazing, eventually writing a blog post about losing their bifocals or a column about what’s with all the doohickeys on the traffic signals? or how come no one says doohickeys anymore?

  12. lick my shit pipe tom wilweirdo

  13. rusty pair says:

    bobcat is a bunghole. your like an ahole skating up hill to fetch water. giddy-up!