American Way Magazine Has New Editor

Just confirmed with author and local journalist Adam Pitluk that he is the new editor of American Way magazine, the airline in-flight. Sherri Burns, the departing editor, is a dear friend who left after 17 years for new adventures. I wish her and Adam the best. My only question is, how did I break this from Denver? Don’t you guys work when I’m gone?


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17 responses to “American Way Magazine Has New Editor”

  1. Zac Crain says:

    And so it begins.

  2. Christine Allison says:

    You are so redeemed. So, Eric, what did you think about Joe Biden’s speech? (trick question, everyone, shhhhhh!).

  3. Don Ho says:

    (Reference about Eric’s former next door neighbor deleted).

  4. Eric Celeste says:

    He was more black and female than I remembered from ’88.

  5. JS says:

    In other news, AA announced that there will be a $2 dollar charge to read American Way on board on AA plane, an additional $3 charge if you do the puzzles, and an additional $5 dollar charge if you take a copy with you.

  6. Marcus says:

    JS left off the $3 charge for the answers to the puzzles.

  7. JJ Style says:

    I partied with this guy before. He’s a kool kat. big missouri tigers fan (partied with him after the cotton bowl game against arkansas). he likes to booze, and his friends were cool that partied with us, but they’re a bunch of thugs.

  8. cammy says:

    Dear new American Way Editor,

    1. Please….. PLEASE change the 1980s Bob Guccione-inspired Omni Magazine layout. Please.
    2. The celeb/feature story is no longer about travel. What’s up with that? Now it’s like a poor man’s People Magazine.
    3. More localized content.
    4. Tip for your Ed. photo. Black sweater / white shirt with collar will not make you look artsy. And don’t dress like your publisher (e.g. blue blazer). Be your own man.
    5. More travel content that is impractical (e.g. trip to Bora Bora) and practical (tips for navigating O’Hare).
    6. Um, free drink tickets?

  9. JNo says:

    Localized content? for an airlines that travels the world? wuh?

  10. Bill Marvel says:

    Another tip:
    Provide content that will keep readers’ noses in the magazine for the full length of the flight. It’s too easy to glance through it and toss it aside. Years ago passengers commonly took copies home.

  11. Joseph says:

    The effort spent to remove it from the seat pocket in front of you far exceeds the reward of reading it. Useless. AA would get better readership by replacing “American Way” with a dog-eared, snot-smudged copy of “Highlights for Children.”

  12. mm says:

    Goofus lays his seat all the way back as soon as the plane leaves the ground, and then f*rts a lot.

    Gallant keeps his bag under the seat in front of him, and folds his tray table up when asked.

  13. Bethany says:

    No offense, but Goofus always looked like he was having way more fun than Gallant.

  14. Sam says:

    JNo: clarification… more content about different localities. Ideally, less mainstream info about, say, Paris or L.A. or wherever.

  15. Sam says:

    Who was the editor before Sheri? I like the look and content of AW.

  16. Amy A says:

    I’m quite certain Goofus asks the airlines to look for my name when selecting his seat.

  17. MJ says:

    Can you provide the designer / brand of the outfit that Denise Richards wore on the cover of the American Way Magazine?