Why, I’M an Experienced Editor. $100K Sounds Fine.

Have had lots of questions by FOEs (Friends of Eric) about this job posting, which says there’s yet another luxury magazine coming to town. It says the publisher is “well-funded” and that it should be ready to launch by “late 2008.” Here’s everything else I know about it:

” “

If you have more to add, any inside info, comments are on.


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10 responses to “Why, I’M an Experienced Editor. $100K Sounds Fine.”

  1. JS says:

    Looks like someone is trying to leverage Wick for a raise!

  2. billh says:

    I remember reading that Time Out was planning on coming to Dallas.

  3. Randy Brown says:


    A few reasons for you to consider jumping ship:

    1. This WOULD be the only publication in town you haven’t worked for.
    2. Isn’t Dallas the center of the world for luxury?
    3. If you took the job AND started a blog, you could keep your perfect record for blog start-ups?
    4. You could hire a lew of interns…and you love you some interns.
    5. Aren’t you fed up with being Tim’s biyatch?

  4. Tim Rogers says:

    Eric, please edit the above comment from Randy. I can see at least one typo.

  5. IttyBittyWussy says:

    It’s a great ad and all, but what if I LIKE working for a corporate know-it-all?

  6. Tommy Boy says:

    But can you edit headlines?

  7. SLR says:


    Why would you want to take a substantial pay cut to work somewhere else?

  8. Joe says:

    Media question: Whatever happened to Tribeza? Is it still around?

  9. jenny says:

    Tribeza quickly folded. Couldn’t handle the competition.

  10. WWWildcat says:

    I nominate Trey Garrison – then he could afford to move to Dallas.