WeatherBug’s Local Weather Station

Alt. Hed: Overheard in Tim’s Office This Morning

So Tim and I were catching up during our semi-regulary coffee klatch this morning, talking about news events of the day, how late we watched the All-Star Game last night, our feelings — you know, the usual. I brought up a possible blog item, possible story, possible nothing: One of the new whizzbang apps for the iPhone is WeatherBug, a detailed weather report and forecast. Odd, I thought, that the local radars and measuring devices and such were based at Robinson Middle School in Plano. Interesting? Worth blogging? Need more reporting? These are the things we were discussing when Sarah walked in to join the discussion. We pick up the scene there:

Sarah: “What are you guys talking about? Work stuff?”

Me: “Actually, yeah. I was telling Tim about the new WeatherBug thingy for the iPhone. Don’t you think it’s weird that all the weather data — temperature, barometer, all of that — is based in Robinson Middle School in Plano?”

Sarah: (pause) “I think that’s just because we’re in Dallas.”

I then apologized for not making it clear that I wasn’t talking about all weather, everywhere. It was funny at the time, but then, the coffee had yet to take its effect.


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13 responses to “WeatherBug’s Local Weather Station”

  1. Brian says:

    Isnt this the same multi site dohicky that WFAA has been slamming at us for the last year or so. Its great and all, but I’ve been using similar things on my non iphone for years. hate to throw the cold water on…

  2. drew says:

    No, that’s still funny.

  3. Danno says:

    My Weatherblog picks up Parrish Episcopal school of Dallas
    which is near me, you can use the drop down and choose other local weatherstations. The temps and radar are not very accurate, or updated late. On another note, I was accepted into the Apple iphone development program.
    I am currently creating an apps for the iphone that will
    enable me to take over the world.

  4. JB says:

    I imagine it would grab info from the closest “Weather Station” near the closest cell tower/relay for the weather info. That probably happens to be Robinson Middle school in ya’lls area. I bet if you drove to another part of town, it would grab the weather from another school/station.

    At least thats how I would design it if I ruled the cell phone world.

  5. Spamboy says:

    Hey, if all reality-show contestants hail from Dallas, why not all weather radars also?

  6. jrp says:

    it saddens me to think people need their cellphone to tell them what the weather is

    i simply don’t get the fascination with talking about the weather…never will

    it’s what old retired folk talk about ’cause they got nothing else to do but watch the grass grow

  7. John Charles McKee says:

    It’s because they get their data from weather stations that they sell to schools as educational tools.

    They would be happy to install a weather station on top of D headquarters and provide that data to all of their clients.

  8. Mike says:

    What, no comments about how the weather in Plano is less interesting than in Dallas?

  9. j.d.w... says:

    My grass in Richardson welcomed the dreching it got yesterday. No amount of watering can compare with .10 inces of rain. I wonder what the wether is like right now? Gotta go…

  10. Eric Celeste says:

    Boy, does that ever make me miss Dallas. Can’t wait to get back to my day job, talk to Tim and Adam about iPhones, and children, and whatnot.

    [walking down sunlit beach, taking 90-degree turn into Atlantic, attaching comically large anchor to my neck, inserting balloon-lofted gun into my mouth, just to make sure]

  11. MushMouth says:

    “I think that’s just because we’re in Dallas.”

    Brilliant! The all-purpose excuse.

  12. Claire says:

    @Eric – Beware of sea cacti.

  13. Snarker says:

    Eric = Myrtle Beach