Texas’ 32 Democratic Super-Delegates

The list, after the jump, courtesy of Time (go here for full list of all 795):

Democratic National Committee Members:
Linda Chavez-Thompson OFFICERS
Norma Fisher Flores TEXAS DNC MEMBER
Jaime A. Gonzalez, Jr. TEXAS DNC MEMBER
Eddie Bernice Johnson MEMBERS-AT-LARGE
Robert Martinez MEMBERS-AT-LARGE
Senfronia Thompson TEXAS DNC MEMBERU.S. House of Representatives:
Henry Cuellar
Lloyd Doggett
Chet Edwards
Charles Gonzalez
Al Green
Gene Green
Rubin Hinojosa
Sheila Jackson-Lee
Nick Lampson
Solomon Ortiz
Silvestre Reyes
Ciro D. Rodriguex

Distinguished Party Leader Leadership Position:


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10 responses to “Texas’ 32 Democratic Super-Delegates”

  1. Ellie Fischer says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I as a proud voting Democrat, will never participate in another election, whether local, state or federal, if the Super-Delegates do not follow the people’s choice.

    I realize that they are being wooed by both candidates and that is precisely my concern. Are they being “bought”?

    It is still “We the people….”, and OUR voices must be heard.

  2. Dear Tx Delegates:

    1. Senator Obama’s not just your ordinary Copy Cat…He’s the Real Deal.

    Does he have an original thought, does he do any of his ‘own’ work, he really is a puppet.

    1. Go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuB_W8o_UsU&eurl=http://noquarterusa.net/blog/

    2. There is a disgusting video on youtube of first hand contact with Senator Obama while he was Congressman, accusing of marital infidelity and drugs usage. I don’t know if it is true or not, but I certainly hope that the DNC would verify. Yes, it could be a false accuser, but if it is, it should be taken of the site, even if I am not a Senator Obama supporter.


    The following is taken from http://360.yahoo.com/kriss_kravis

    The signs are out there, if you look. I think our Lady has been forced to cut her deal.

    I don’t want to speak for the good SHC supporters here. You have to decide on your own how far you stay with Senator Clinton and donate money.

    I have had time to think and I think I could have saved myself $25.00 but then again, I think that her staff needs and deserves to get paid.

    I think she knew when she had the ‘shake up’ in her staff what the Party was going to do, and I think that her staff knew also.

    How many candidates would come back to see a crowd of maybe 2500, to give a Town Hall? I think that was when I first knew, and this was a day before the WI election.

    I got to see the former first Lady and second female candidate for the Presidency of the United States. Will she be the last? No. But everyone knew that she was the most qualified. So I don’t think you will ever see a female President in this Nation. You can thank people like Ted Kennedy, Oprah, Caroline, Marie S. and James Hoffa, and super delegates that switched their ‘honored’ support to Senator Clinton, over to Obama.

    Yeah, they said it was because of their voter base? Sure, they believe in those words of Martin Luther King, don’t they? Just look at their ‘character’. Sure.

    I really hate when I see these words, just words, get used and abuse by those, we all were trying to help. I have a dream, that maybe someday, those black super delegates that switch back there delegate support vote would show strength of character, and say to their constituency, what they should have, … that they were living up to the words of Martin Luther King, and not knuckle under to party politics and public mania. Where was their strength of character? No, they based their vote on color and gender. Such fine examples. No, this wasn’t because of prejudice or discrimination, was it. Oh no, …sure.

    Their legacy, …one that generations of daughters will have live with, makes me nauseous. They too can be proud to be an American; and can say she wants to grow up to be President of the United States, and then grow up to realize that certain positions in this Nation, no matter how qualified you are, are for men, no matter how much of a ‘Paper Lion’ they are in comparison. So much for their ‘Dream’, and to a great extent, that can blame it on the prejudice and descrimination of color and gender.

    You have to watch and make up your mind when you have to leave. After seeing and hearing first hand here in WI, Team Hillary work, watching and reading, I think we had a Democratic Party set to go Obama, even prior to the vote.

    SHC has to pull her supporters along as much as she can to make it look good, and it makes me wonder if she wasn’t a figure head of a candidate from the start, but that’s our system of politics. I’m 99 percent sure she is a figure head candidate now.

    It’s truly up to the people of OH, PA, and TX, but now you’re not just battling Obama, your battling the whole system.

    Am I mad about my last donation, in a way, but not really, I got to see the former First Lady that this Nation made go through h— and back, and a family also. Now I believe we have a family that is tried and true for a successful and loving marriage. That’s really wonderful to see. Also, I got to see a woman take on the rigors of a Presidential campaign, a woman that worked hard, really earned her way to get there, and is qualified and deserving of the position. She deserved her chance to be at the mountain top.

    As SHC says, ‘She’ll be fine’, but will our daughters?

    I guess it’s alright for Obama’s endorsers to ignore the ‘Dream’ in its reality, …“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” I just wish that the massive percentage of black voters to Obama would realize that Dr. Martin Luther King meant those words, not just for black people; not just for men.

    My vote was based on the content of the candidate’s character, and her qualifications. She has never been in the wrong, or found in the wrong, or showed weak character in her life, and yet, who is the Democratic Party going to offer this Nation, and his record as their 2008 Presidential candidate?

    Yes, I will be working for someone outside of this kind of Party politics. They are a Party that would let a candidate like Madeline Albright hang, if she were to run. That’s what the Democratic Party has shown me in this campaign.

    They keep saying that SHC doesn’t have the voters support, oh no, she didn’t get the ‘big wigs’ of the Party’s support. The voters were here for her, but ‘the machine’ politicals didn’t like it, and the old machine politics weren’t on SHC’s side, but BO’s, and that’s another falsehood of his campaign statements he has made.

    What you see going now is the worst of ‘old Washington’, Chicago ‘Daly’ politics, and BO doesn’t mind it a bit. Now he’s going to come ‘a courtin’, you SHC supporters, and he’s going to get in office and take credit for her Universal Health plan along with Sen. Kennedy. But, not with my vote.

    Why did this happen – because the Democratic Party won’t support the candidate of character and qualifications. You have the super delegates, machine politics, and broadcast stations to thank for that….oh yes, and people like ‘O’ with all the Madison Avenue marketing in place.

    Continue to support SHC, but I believe the die has been cast, and she is trying to let her supporters know in very subtle ways, because she has to.

    This is where you have to decide if it is party politics or the candidate that you are going to vote for in November. I leave the Party politics at the Congressional level, the Oval Office is different.

    Whatever, be proud of your support and vote for Senator Clinton, it is well deserved.

  3. RAINEY says:

    I used to like Obama but, since I’ve seen how he fudged his stance on NAFTA, the way he told lies of Omission about his war votes and the way he has tolerated the very unfair and certainly vicious attacks on Senator Clinton I cannot vote for him.

    Please vote wisely for this country. We desperately need a president who has experience no matter how it was down played so one candidate could excuse his inexperience. That alone was shameful. I think we are all going to regret it if he wins this nomination.

    At this point even if he is the nominee I will not support him. We could have had a shot at 16 years of dems in the White House if he had gone as her vp. How is his campaign for the good of this party or the country?? Maybe it was his inexperience that did not think that one through or maybe it was due to his own rather selfish concerns. Whatever it was it does not show good judgment.

    He accuses her of being divisive when it’s his run right now that divided us along lines of race, gender, class and age. Projections of things he should own up to are given to Senator Clinton.

    Wise choices are needed here. The republicans have been sitting caucus not for Senator Clinton but, for Obama. What does that tell you. We know the media has given us a slanted view. I hope we can count on you not to fall for it. They gave us GWB too!

    Please stay with the candidate who really can bring change through hard work and yes, know how. Obama is living in a dream world. The country cannot afford a gamble right now!

    Thank you!

  4. Brenda Davidson says:

    Clinton received the popular vote for Texas, so the Super-delegates must vote for whom the people of Texas want as their delegate. Obama would not have had as many votes if the Republicans had voted in their own election. The Republicans wanted to stop Hillary Clinton, so they voted in the Democratic primary for Obama. Even with the Republicans playing dirty tactics –Clinton still won and would have won by a whole lot more. The Super-delegates will be very wrong if they chose Obama over Clinton.

  5. Bunny Bennett says:

    Well it is politics as usual for the Clintons. Lie, cheat or steal she plans to be the president. It is amazing that so many people have forgotten the Clinton years. Everyday was a new scandal. Does anyone remember White Water and the best one “I did not have sex with that woman”. What a liar. Lets talk about Vince Foster, he supposedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head and walking several blocks to the park. People who cross the Clintons end up dead. Who signed NAFTA into law. Oh thats right it was Bill Clinton. Where is her income tax return from last year? Why doesn’t she want to disclose the contents? Where are her records as First Lady? Is she afraid that we might find out that all the expierence she is supposed to have is attending state dinners? We have had 4 years of Bush, 8 years of Clinton and another 8 years of Bush! Lets get a new prospective. Obama should be the next President of the United States. Obama needs to quit being a nice guy and throw not just the kitchen but the entire house at Hillary. We do not need another 4 to 8 years of lies and scandals.

  6. LaCresha says:

    In response to Brenda Davidson’s comment above. You are VERY WRONG! I know and have talked to several republicans who have been very open about the fact that they voted for Hillary so that she would get the popular vote and go against McCain and lose. They belive that McCain has a better chance at beating Hillary that Barack and they are trying to fix it so that Hillary gets the nomination and they will all in turn vote for McCain instead and have another republican in office. If it were not for the republican strategy Hillary would not have won Texas and a lot of other states. If the super-delegates go with this strategy then they are way off base and will allow the republicans to win!

    Bunny, I TOTALLY agree with you about Obama starting to fight back, we do need a fresh face and new and improved ideas in the White House. I also agree with America not needing more lies and scandles. We’ve had more than enough of the Clintons and especially the Bush’s.

  7. Don says:

    It is a real laugh reading what the Hillary supporters say that Obamas support in Caucus’ including Texas is because of Republican crossover voters. The facts show that Republican cross over voters went to the primary in droves as Limabaugh Republicans and voted for Hillary, so John McCain would have a better chance at winning.

    In addition, aster the Canadian government apologized for the Nafta incident they verified that is was Sentor Clinton’s staff who called them, Not the Obama campaign.
    And Senator Obama has not made one vicious attack on Senator Clinton. Actually, ther reverse is accurate.

    Since when does the candidate in second place get to offer the candidate in first place the Vice-Presidency. Also I thought he was too inexperience to be a heart beat away from the White House. Get Real, Hillary thinks she has a right to the White House. She will not win it and she is getting desperate.

    The super delegates will need to remember that the leader in pledged delegates when the primaries are completed is the will of the people and nothing less. Anything else will invite complete distruction of the Democratic party and revolution of the voters. You are dealing with a movement not an ordinary campaign.

  8. Sean says:

    everyhting odepends on what happens after the April 22 primaries in Pennsylvania .



  9. Carol Ward says:

    Don’s got it totally right. Hillary took the popular vote because droves of Republicans crossed over. Obama took the caucuses because the REAL democrats stayed to caucus. At our caucus, we put forward a resolution to throw out caucuses and let all of the delegates go to the winner of the popular vote. I voted for this, and much regret it now. It wasn’t until later, as I talked to friends and colleagues, that I realized the extent of the Republican cross-over vote, and I am furious at their attempt to railroad our party into nominating Hillary. This is just what the Republicans want, a candidate that they think McCain can beat. Come on, super delegates, surely you can see through this ploy. If we want a democrat as the next President, we need to see that Obama gets the nomination.

  10. Bunny Bennett says:

    I just listened to Obama’s speech on race and once again I am struck by his genuine love of America and the American people. Obama’s only short coming is that he is not a typical politician, but he is running a race against the ultimate politician. Obama is running this race as I believe he will run his presidency, with truth, caring and intelligence. I do not believe he will ever disgrace this country like Bill Clinton. I do believe that he will make mistakes. After all he is only human, but I do not believe that he will put his interests above those America or her people. It is time for America to have a leader they can be proud of and who will instill hope for the future.