Dying Hard Rock Cafe Donates Organs to Feargal McKinney

Remember Tecole? It’s now called the BlackFriar Pub, and it is furnished with some of the innards from the Hard Rock. I don’t know how Feargal does it. Just down the street from the Old Monk, he has opened the Capitol Pub. Does the new place cannibalize the old? Not to my eye. Both seems busy. And now he opens a bar directly across the street from his other bar, the Idle Rich. You can’t stop him. And it doesn’t even look like you can contain him. The full release about the BlackFriar:

Update: Shame on me. The Capitol Pub ain’t a Feargal joint. To my misinformation giver: you will pay.

BlackFriar Pub is now open. It is located at 2621 McKinney Avenue in the old frame house directly across the street from The Idle Rich Pub. It is a small, cozy pub with a great covered porch, side patio and beer garden. Much of the interior was, until a few weeks ago, in the VIP room of The Hard Rock Cafe, which was torn down over the last few days. These old hand-carved prayer panels, ceiling panels, gothic arches and furnishings were shipped from a castle in England belonging to Pete Townshend of The Who. The workmanship on these intricate hand-chiseled panels is simply wonderful — each panel telling a story.

The pub offers a well-chosen selection of 11 permanent taps and one rotater plus a wide selection of bottled beers with an emphasis on the beers of Northern Europe. We have a nice list of Irish whiskey and Scotch, which should help us get through this cold snap. The food menu offers many pub classics including cheeseboards, fish and chips and chicken-leek pie. Burgers are cooked over live mesquite wood and are offered with toppings including stilton, chipotle salsita and avocado, and tobacco onion strings with barbeque-cider sauce.


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12 responses to “Dying Hard Rock Cafe Donates Organs to Feargal McKinney”

  1. Droopydave says:

    Burgers cooked “over live mesquite wood”? WTF? How is this possible?

  2. Tim W. says:

    What’s the over-under on how long this joint lasts after all of the other blink-and-you-missed-its at that place? And, with the Gingerman a block away…

  3. the amanda says:

    Both agrees with a plural verb.For example, both seems busy…awkward according to my 7th grade English teacher. Both, few, some, several, many, all, require irregular verb, in singular. Both seem, it just works…maybe it was just a typo…

  4. Daniel says:

    Are you sure Capitol Pub isn’t Feargal’s? Because that’s what I heard, too, from more than one reasonably reliable source. (i.e., other merchants who were hammering out leases in the same building)

    (BTW, I’m not Tim’s “information giver.”)

  5. J Paul says:

    Well good luck with that! Nothing has lasted in that space since the closing of “Crackers” (which should resurrect itself in Farmer’s Branch come to think of it).

  6. Billusa99 says:

    Slow down, Timmeh. It all depends what “is” is. Feargal and Peter Kinney are partners in all those ventures. Peter took the lead in CP, so it’s “his.”


  7. RB says:

    i miss lulu’s

  8. Lulu's was greatness says:

    Donated? If you mean sold in an auction, then yes the wood paneling was “donated”. And how he does it? Well, the owners of Idle Rich also owned Tecole so I guess they keep throwing stuff on the wall until it sticks.

  9. dave little says:

    Did you happen to find out if there were any gold teeth involved in the donation? If so, methinks we’ve found a thief.

  10. Bradley says:

    CP is Peter’s sole venture sans Feargal.

  11. Daniel says:

    More than a thief, Dave … eets da muuuhhhdrah.

  12. clingclongdingdong says:

    why wouldn’t you ask the chicks that wait on you for the scoop, scoop?