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8 responses to “Bad Numbers For Cornyn, GOP In Texas”

  1. Jack Jett says:

    John Cornyn has stated that he believes gay people are the same as box turtles. He, Pete Sessions, and Sister Kay Bailey make the entire state of Texas look like a large white group of neocons.
    Texas is better than that and deserves proper representation for ALL.

  2. Clayton Auger says:

    Rick Noriega is an attractive candidate and will run a good campaign. Whether he will have the money to promote himself is another matter. But in 2008, with a Latino last name, maybe matching Cornyn dollar for dollar won’t be necessary.

  3. Rawlins says:

    Gosh, I’M shocked. Republicans out of favor?
    What could possibly explain that? (Paul Kix and Rod Davis on speaker phones.)

    Not being the least flip, but I (in part) first realized this current administration would leave in ashes while reading Wick Allison’s declining favor /disillusioned posts regarding (for starters) the ‘let no veto on earmarked bills be had’ first (literally) 6 years. The rest became history.

    I said to myself, “Self? If Wick Allison is feed up with this dude, can the rest of this nation be far behind?” No less than holding a wet finger to the wind, that breeze whispered “Demos domino in 2008”.

  4. Mike Williams says:

    Jack Jett – you mean to tell me that gays and box turtles ARE different? Please explain.

  5. Jack Jett says:

    John Cornyn said that examples of courthouse violence may be linked to public anger over judges who make politically charged decisions without being held accountable. In other words, it is cool with him to kill a judge if he doesn’t hold the same values as he.

    An example of Cornyn’s values;
    “It does not affect your daily life very much if your neighbor marries a box turtle. But that does not mean that it’s right. … Now you must raise your children up in a world where that union of man and box turtle is on the same legal footing as man and wife.” is the difference between gays and box turtles. Gays pay taxes…and lot of them. We are active in making our communities a better place to live. We contribute to society. Many of us pay school taxes, yet have no children.

    Also, we are much better musicians than most box turtles.

    Now…you tell me what is the difference between a pig and John Cornyn?

  6. ROJ says:

    Pig tastes good if cooked properly.

  7. Jack Jett says:

    yes, as a matter of fact, pig can be snarkalicious. i understand that mrs. cortland nibbles on it a few nights a week.

    sadly, it doesn’t change the fact that john cornyn is a walking talking mouthpiece for a
    corrupt administration and texans would be doing the state and the country a favor by not re electing him to any office above the rotary club secretary.

  8. Stephen Crowley says:

    Not so hot? Looks hot to me. Bigoted simpletons.. don’t let the door hit ya where evolution split ya.