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10 responses to “Woman Beaten, Robbed of Ring”

  1. Miss M says:

    “The basics” indeed: why would the DMN bother to give the suspect’s height/weight etc. description – even toss in that he was well dressed – but not bother to give his race? How many well dressed 30-somethings are in that area?

  2. Rawlins says:

    Love how the DMN stories and police-quote comments invariably describe/label these incidents that take place in ‘good’ parts of our city as ‘isolated’ cases (this story, this week’s Katy Trail story to name two) but when it happens anywhere else, they shrug it off as typical of the area.

    Dream on.

    Bottom line; you’re probably safer leaving a Fiesta on Buckner than a Park Cities Whole Foods. Ask yourself; where would you look for lucrative victims?

  3. CDD says:

    jesus, that’s scary. I moved away from the Gaston Ave area up to the Preston Hollow area to get away from that kind of thing 2 years ago. you can only hear gunshots so many times before you have to consider whether it’s worth the cheap rent. I do miss the dude who would scoot backwards on his wheelchair up and down Gaston, pushing with his one good leg. certainly don’t get that kind of entertainment up here.

  4. East Dallas Eccentric says:

    I’ve lived a block or two from Gaston for many years. I’ve never been a victim of anything but developers.

    I would however, feel very hollow up in your new area!

  5. PJB says:

    while this is indeed scary to happen in that particular area, as I have family living in close proximity, I do have to question the decision to wear a $350,000 ring on errand running – I would probably keep such a ring in the safe and wear only on special occasions. To me it seems to same as walking around waving $100 bills.

  6. Courtney says:

    I can’t even imagine having a $350,000 wedding ring. Good lord. And I’m definitely not saying she asked for this, but I’m sure a ring that size does attract some attention. Let’s be real – that’s why she wears it. But then when it attracts the wrong person’s attention, this is what happens.

  7. CDD says:

    East Dallas Eccentric, you are too clever.

  8. RLS says:

    While he’s relieved that Ms. Cortland is OK and unharmed, Marty’s really pissed about losing that ring.

  9. J says:

    I would think it would be hard to fence a $350,000 10-carat diamond.

  10. Puddin'Tane says:

    1) A woman who wears a 350K ring would never do her own grocery shopping because that chore is left to staff.

    2) A woman who wears a 350K ring would also never struggle taking a child from a car seat because that is left to the nanny.

    3) When will Dallas learn? Just because ya can afford to buy it doesn’t mean you should or even wear it.

    This story is trumped up BS or…

    Proof that another Douche from the Hollow married a has been stripper and they have more money than sense.