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I’m having trouble typing this. Words to the wise: champagne and saki cause problems. You might get sick. You might scare someone when you accidentally ask, “Are we getting married?” And maybe you’ve only been dating that someone for an absurdly short time. My point here is that anything can happen.

Anyway, Robert DeNiro was indeed there. He’s portly and has that Cape Fear/Max Cady look. I said “hi” to him. He didn’t say it back. I guess he was too busy being fondled by the masses who were giving thanks for the glory that is Nobu. People were actually saying things like “Nobu is going to change Dallas” and “We’re so grateful you chose to bring Nobu here.”

It’s a restaurant, by the way. They don’t offer cancer treatment — they sell sushi.

And it’s a pretty restaurant, I guess. Very Asian —- lots of bamboo, black tables and chairs, a wall of black stones. I’m doing a very poor job of describing it, I realize, but I think blood may be coming out of my ears at the moment. My head is pounding.

As for the guests, same old cast and crew. We did make some new friends (I’m giving you a shout-out, Q). But if someone could tell me the name of the little woman who was palling around with Leisa Street, I’d be mighty grateful.