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News Bites: Jonathon’s Decamps to Forestwood and Jerry Jones’ Salty McGriddles

SideDish’s weekly digest of need-to-know dining happenings in Dallas.
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Jonathon's Oak Cliff
Kevin Marple

Welcome to SideDish’s weekly dispatch of need-to-know News Bites, from quiet closures to opening updates and everything in between—and back to coronavirus updates!

Diners, Drive-Bys, and Dives

Jonathon’s Oak Cliff is the diner. Kel’s is long-shuttered dive-esque diner. And the “drive-by” in this sense is literally just someone driving on by. “On commutes into Oak Cliff, Jonathon and Christine Erdeljac, owners of Jonathon’s Oak Cliff and the sister diner down the street on Beckley, would always swivel in their seats to catch a view of the Kel’s sign,” writes Nick Rallo for the Dallas Morning News in his report that Jonathon’s Oak Cliff is leaving said neighborhood for the Kel’s space in Forestwood.

He’ll Have the McGriddle, Extra Iodine

“As the Dallas Cowboys head into the 2021 NFL season, many questions about how the team will fare linger. One thing, though, is certain: team owner Jerry Jones really loves heavily salted McGriddles breakfast sandwiches, and the internet is completely horrified by it,” writes Eater Dallas editor Amy McCarthy. The revelation was aired during the first episode of this season’s Hard Knocks HBO series, which follows the Cowboys during training camp in California. At his desk, Jones has some black coffee and showers the syrup-dappled pancake bun sausage sandwich with fine salt. Someone tweeted out a clip of the scene if you dare watch with thine own eyes.

What’s in a Name? That Which We Call a Bisous Would Still Smell Like a Lawsuit?

The Dallas Observer’s Brian Reinhart delves into the intricacies of, not Shakepeare sonnets, but the legal tango between Bisous Bisous Patisserie and Bisous. The former, a beloved local bakery, sued the latter, a new “social dining hotspot”, for copyright infringement. The latter “is temporarily ordered to go by another name as legal proceedings continue,” reports Reinhart. Another important reportage: “On Yelp, one reviewer reported that a guest in their party was turned away at [Bisous, now Cle Supper Club’s] door for the fashion crime of wearing a blazer and jean shorts.” It’s a fashion mullet: business up top, party on the bottom. I think it’s a winning combo.

When Life Gives You Lemonade…

…franchise it and bring your biz to Dallas. Dallas CultureMap shares word that Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade has plans to open a Bishop Arts location (320 W. Eighth St., two doors down from Wild Detectives, in the former Serve space) sometime this fall. This is great news. The Hawaii-born brand started as most lemonade ventures do: as a stand, but graduated to a trailer and eventually its own brick and mortar in Maui. I realize this is, sure, merely lemonade. But then why are the most refreshing versions I’ve ever had come in flavors like ginger-pineapple and passionfruit-guava?

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