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Fort Worth’s Brewed Ltd is Now Open in the Bishop Arts District

Try the vanilla-spiked latte and the salted chocolate chip cookie.

A new coffee shop opened quietly last month, though you might not have noticed. It’s discreet and almost out of sight—on the ground floor of The Novel Bishop Arts apartments on the corner of Davis Street and North Beckley Avenue in Bishop Arts, where lodging is popping up like wildflowers. It’s called Brewed Ltd, as in Limited Edition, a sister to the original coffee shop in the Magnolia district of Fort Worth. (Its owners are the folks behind Eno’s Pizza, just a few blocks away.)

You can settle in for a Kalita Wave (1-4 people); a Chemex (for 3); or a shared press pot (also for 3). These options are right up top, as though to underscore that coffee is a shared experience. Drinks for the individually inclined: the classic London Fog Latte with Earl Grey tea, honey, and steamed milk; and an iced sipper called the Coffee Soda that blends cold brew with a touch of sweetened condensed milk-laced syrup and a fizzy top-off of Topo Chico. (It feels like a summer smash hit in the making.) For the Keto-following, Bulletproof-sipping, there’s coffee swirled with MCT oil and butter; for the uber-caffeinators, a bold cold brew. Syrups are, naturally, house-made; yes, there is oat milk.

On a quiet morning, the hip, kind barista at the counter had made a batch of scones to supplement the croissants they’re getting from Rush Patisserie and the tacos from Taco Heads. So, we’ve got crossover with nearby Cultivar on the taco side, though the new spot is brewing Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters coffee; crossover (almost) with Local Brewed + Pressed on the name; crossover with Wild Detectives and others on the pastries (Rush rather than La Casita).

Still, people settled in the plush chairs seem to feel a vibe that sets the new addition apart. Not to mention, they’ll add beer to the evening menu soon. Sit back, contemplate the funky, reclaimed, stained-wood décor. Decide you might want the hipster version of the vanilla-spiked latte and a salted chocolate chip cookie after all.