Khao Noodle Shop's boat noodle soup.

International Food

Check Out This Asian Night Market at The Bomb Factory

Yakitori takes over the night.

Head to The Bomb Factory on July 22 for Dallas Night Markets’ one-night Asian street food market. The event is designed to showcase up-and-coming Asian restaurateurs, who are joining forces with art and music to take over and rock the event with Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Laotian, Thai, and modern Asian flavors.

Some of you may have attended this Asian-cuisine pop-up this time last year, featuring four of the chefs who’ll be cooking this Sunday. My mouth was watering then. Think of this as that pop-up times ten.

Expect menu items like yakitori chicken skewers, the hand-held, nori-wrapped Spam sandwich that is the Okinawa musubi, bowls of Vietnamese boat noodle soup, dry-ramen soboro bowls, green papaya salad, fluffy pork bao, larb salad, croquettes, and boba.

These come courtesy of Monkey King Noodle, Niwa Japanese BBQ, Bobaddiction, and others. Some offerings come from groups newly opening or potentially planning to open storefronts, like Four Sisters (opening in Fort Worth), Ka-Tip (now at the Dallas Farmers Market), SXSE Food Co. (from Austin, hoping to expand to Dallas). Add to that Matt Hua, currently at Ten Ramen.

DJ Lucky Lou, who has DJ’ed for Jay-Z parties and for the Grammies, will fly in from Las Vegas to play (10 p.m. until 1 a.m.).

All of which is to say that things are, indeed, heating up.

Admission is $10. Food purchases are all under $10.