Head to the Texas Theatre Tonight for Like Water for Chocolate

A mid-week dose of magical realism and chiles en nogada.

Tonight, in its third installment of a food-on-film series, the Texas Theatre will screen Alfonso Arau’s 1992 film Like Water for Chocolate, based on the novel by Laura Esquivel. The pop-up-and-a-movie series that honors cult classics has previously offered Tampopo alongside ramen and last month’s Big Night with Italian food, both pop-ups featuring cooking by Lucia’s Justin Holt.

This time, Anastacia Quinones will be the chef behind the pop-ups. Anyone who has ever read Gabriel Garcia’s Love in the Time of Cholera or One Hundred Years of Solitude will recognize the flair of a story steeped in magical realism. The film centers on the duties and burdens of a family’s youngest daughter, Tita. The culinary theme comes in as the film dramatically explores the notion that her emotions are most vividly expressed through food.

This is not the sweet, innocent, mildly sensuous Chocolat, starring Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche. It’s a far more tumultuous story of family and duty and lust that ends…well…I can’t tell you. Go for the movie and Quinones’ eloquent expressions through food.

Where: Texas Theatre

When: Wednesday, Dec. 6

Pop-up at 7 p.m.: Quail is rose-petal sauce with black beans ($8) and chile en nogada ($6)

8 p.m. movie screening

10 p.m. pop-up: Rosaura’s wedding cake ($4)

Bring cash for the pop-ups.

Buy tickets here.