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Dinner Goes To the Dogs at Café Momentum

What happens when a high-end restaurant creates dinner from dog food ingredients? People eat it.
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Chaco is a fan of I and Love and You's line of dog food. He is not a fan, however, of cameras.
Chaco is a fan of I and Love and You's line of dog food. He is not a fan, however, of cameras.
Chaco is a fan of I and Love and You’s line of dog food. He is not a fan, however, of cameras.

The other night, I ate dog food.

OK, that’s kind of a stretch. In reality, I ate the same ingredients that are the main ingredients in I and Love and You’s dog food—and my food was prepared by Café Momentum.

The opportunity to sample my dog’s food has presented itself (surprisingly) quite often in the past few months. One of my favorite pet stores, Downtown Pawz, has been encouraging me to try the treats they serve to my pups. I have yet to take them up on the offer, but they keep trying. So, when I got I and Love and You’s invite—which said “If you care about what your pets eat, you probably care about what you eat. Now imagine eating the same thing as your pets.”—to eat at Café Momentum, I couldn’t pass it up.

If you haven’t been to Café Momentum yet, you really should go. I don’t just say this because executive director Chad Houser is a dear friend, or because I wholeheartedly support every restaurant that opens up downtown, but because the food is amazing and the cause, even better. Last week was the first time I’ve been back since Sarah Green took over as chef de cuisine. The food was some of the best I’ve had. We started with sweet potato gaufrette, falafel, and beet-cured salmon spoons before moving to smoked carrot soup and a stuffed roasted lamb breast rouleade. My favorite part of the meal was the end, which is where Green truly shines. We had a sweet potato dump cake with smoked fluff. Had my dogs been invited (they weren’t; I asked), they would have thought they were in heaven.

Luckily, they do get to try some of the same things with the care packages I and Love and You sent with us. The company, based out of Boulder, Colorado, ensures each bag of food for both dogs and cats has real meat as its first ingredient, it’s all grain free, and each product has been developed by a holistic vet.

Throughout the dinner, one of the reps from I and Love and You kept mentioning how they sponsor dogs. I told her I have a Malamute that is often confused for a wolf. She asked if I’d heard of Loki. When I said no, she pulled him up on Instragram, and said, “We sponsor him.” Later, when I told her we also have a Samoyed, she asked if I follow any on Instagram. When I said no, she pulled one up, and said, “We sponsor her.” At this point, I’m thinking, “How do I get my dogs sponsored?” Unfortunately, our Samoyed is a curmudgeon and our Malamulte (pictured here) is terrified of cameras and strangers and won’t pose. So we’ll just live vicariously through Loki.

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