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The Localist: Lucky Layla Farms Drinkable Yogurt

Lucky Layla Farms is a classic in the ever-expanding wave of small-scale food producers in Texas.
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I don’t know of two words that are thrown around more often than “healthy food.” Food is complicated, and our relationship with it is even more so. My definition goes beyond the mathematical ranking of calories, fat, and carbohydrates and dives into the territory of Q&A sessions about environmental health, diet, and overall care of the land and animals. I like to think I genuinely understand this kind of stuff, (after all, I studied it extensively in both college and culinary school), but reading ingredient lists and nutrition labels often leaves me scratching my head in the grocery aisle. One thought I’m often pondering is if my perceived view of quality does in fact translate to it. In an effort to keep things simple for myself, I now reach for products with labels listing traditional ingredients my grandmother would feel comfortable consuming. Grass-fed milk and fruit are two that come to mind. Enter Lucky Layla Farms and their drinkable yogurt line.

I cook from scratch often in our house, which means I have a lot of onions and not a lot of snacks. This irks my husband, since he works from home and suffers from chronic snack attacks. They offer a diverse range of flavors and clocking in just under two hundred calories a serving they’ve made it into my famous albeit too common breakfast on the go rotation.

Lucky Layla Farms is a classic in the ever-expanding wave of small-scale food producers in Texas. You can find their line of products locally at Kroger, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Central Market, and you can buy their entire line (including the very talked about and beloved raw milk) directly from their Lucky Layla Farms Store in Plano

You can read more about Lucky Layla Farms and even inquire about visiting their creamery by visiting their website.

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