Photography by Desiree Espada

Scotch & Sausage Opens July 24th in Oak Lawn

Chef Trevor Ball comes from a long line of sausage makers. He's bringing small-batch, unique varieties to Dallas.

Chef Trevor Ball.  Photography by Desiree Espada.
Chef Trevor Ball. Photography by Desiree Espada.
Chef Trevor Ball, a 19th generation sausage maker who grew up working with his grandfather at Kuby’s, is opening his first restaurant, Scotch & Sausage at 2808 Oak Lawn Ave. in Dallas next Thursday.

The menu features over 20 varieties of homemade sausage sandwiches, including vegan and gluten-free options. Ball takes pride in his hormone-free, small-batch, byproduct-free creations. Venison, quail, antelope, chicken and beef are some of the meats used in the sausage, and all are priced under $8. Triple-cooked belgian fries and scotch eggs, over 100 varieties of scotch and whiskey, Belgian and German beers, and a $5 whiskey selection are some things to look forward to.

Sausage Trio.
Sausage Trio.

Ball believes in working directly with farmers and local purveyors. “I surrounded myself by chefs and farmers who guided me to create a deeper relationship with the earth and kitchen, pushing boundaries and stretching my creativity by utilizing and playing with seasonal ingredients. My perspective on food was forever changed. I am beyond excited to be a part of the Scotch & Sausage team. A modern style beer garden serving local and house made sausages. A cool social atmosphere that’s open ‘till the wee hours of the night; how could I resist? I feel fortunate to be a part of the Dallas food scene once more.”

Dylan Elchami & Rami Rassas.
Dylan Elchami & Rami Rassas.
When ordering, you’ll choose your sausage, style and toppings, and you’ll get to choose the dipping sauces for your pommes frites too.

The creators of the concept are Dylan Elchami, who oversaw construction, and Rami Rassas, who was head chef at his family’s restaurant Leonardo’s in Frisco. He also competed on MasterChef and is a successful local businessman. Cogent Creative and Alexander Marko are also partners.

Scotch & Sausage will be open late 7 days a week.
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  • bill

    2808 oak lawn ave, not 2008.

  • Kermit McFrog

    Wow, I’d like to grab a handful of Chef Ball’s sausage. His buns look amazing too!

    • Fan of the chef

      careful now, he’s wurst is taken!

  • bill

    Again, not 2008, not 2208, it’s 2808 oak lawn.

  • foodie

    Perhaps intentional but wanted to point out some misspellings on your menu….glueten, sause, kethcup, mayonaise, Artisinal Nevertheless, looking forward to trying out Scotch & Sausage!

  • Schadenfreude

    I was gonna get pissy and question “Scotch *and* whiskey?” but then realized that this is no redundancy, seeing as Scotch is whisky, as opposed to bourbon, etc. whiskey. But yeah, why is it that people don’t pay more attention to spelling on menus? Just gives an unprofessional foreshadowing, which makes me wonder if the kitchen is as lackadaisical about the food as is the guy who proofreads the menu. My personal bugbear is when someone omits the second I in shiitake….that *really* does not look good

    • Nancy Nichols

      This is a confusing situation. Our style book says Scotch is “whisky” made in Scotland, Bourbon is “whiskey” made in the U.S.A, generally Kentucky. The other glaring menu mistakes are sad.

  • Biggest Fan of the Chef

    Then they better hurry up and put a ring on it. Prettiest eyes ever!