Outpost American Tavern in Oak Cliff is Closed

Outpost American Tavern in Oak Cliff has closed. Again.

Remember when CampO Modern Country Bistro was the epicenter of the Dallas modern food universe? The groovy spot was designed and owned by John Paul Valverde and Miguel Vicéns. Matt McCallister was in the kitchen making beef heart tartare before he left to start FT 33. Then sous chef Josh Black took a spin at execuchef. He was replaced by the oh-so-talented Michael Ehlert. Despite the talent and grooviness, the place shuttered in less than a year.

Valverde  and Vicéns reconcepted the space into Outpost American Tavern and opened in November 2012. Since November 2013, Outpost American Tavern has been under the operations and culinary direction of Christopher Zielke, Christopher Jeffers, and Chef Tim Byres. However, on June 1, Les Boys of Smoke, Foundry, Chicken Snatch Scratch, Bolsa, and Bolsa Mercado are returning the restaurant to its previous management.

Outpost American Tavern is closed, but the owners are negotiating with a new owner. Stay tuned for future episodes of As 1115 N. Beckley Avenue Turns.


  • Whitney Filloon

    That’s unfortunate. The food was REALLY good thanks to Byres & co. and their half-price food night on Tuesdays was seriously one of the best deals in town, especially following the demise of the Libertine’s.

  • UpTn DallasSocial

    Nancy, shouldn’t that be Chicken “Scratch”?

  • Kessler Porker

    I live near Outpost and have seen the various restaurants come and go. It was a even coffee house at one stage. The Outpost guys never seemed willing to spend the dosh needed to take it up a notch. One Sunday when they were doing a margarita special they ran out of tequila! Try buying tequila on Sunday in Oak Cliff.

    If the Chicken Snatch guys couldn’t succeed then maybe it really is a cursed spot. I, for one, would love an Indian restaurant in the hood.

    There’s a chain pizza joint being built next to it so I don’t know how that will affect future businesses.

  • NoMamPam

    OMG that place was terrible! We ordered appetizers and twenty minutes later the waitress said they lost our ticket and so we had to reorder. Then we ordered dinner. 40 minutes later we asked where our food was and she said she forgot to put our order in and had to take the order again! finally i had to ask if there is anything they were taking off for the inconvenience and she asked “how about 2 cocktails.” The ones that took her 15 minutes to get us. i was going to Yelp it but i knew they would crash and burn eventually. Peace out !

  • Brooke

    Outpost had gotten REALLY bad in the past 6-8 months. It was excellent about 18 months ago – I still dream of some of those menu items! RIP, old Outpost.

  • CMcDanielAPR

    I assumed chicken snatch was the hen equivalent to rooster fries, Nancy.