Community Mosaic IPA vs. Deep Ellum IPA

Which brew do you prefer? Vote.

by-alamo-drafthouseWe’ve reached the third week of our head to head match-ups of some of Dallas’ top beers. First we saw Peticolas Golden Opportunity beat Franconia Koelsch. Then, last week, Armadillo’s Greenbelt Farmhouse Ale topped Revolver’s Bloody & Honey. Next up is the battle of IPAs.

IPA has been on the lips of every craft beer drinker in the U.S. at some point, and so we are expecting a lot from you on this one. As a nation we’ve developed our own breed of the ubiquitous hop head , and Dallas is itself no weakling in the world of the ever evolving style. This week’s matchup is between the highly regarded Community Mosaic IPA and one of the founders of Dallas’ somewhat recent explosion of craft beer, the Deep Ellum IPA. Whose hops get you more excited?

UPDATE: Community Mosaic IPA took a slight lead with 54% of the vote against Deep Ellum’s 46%.