Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Best Chocolate Eclairs in Dallas

We are searching for the best chocolate eclairs in Dallas. Someone's love life depends on your efforts.

I’ve got to hand it to him, he did his homework. Before he sent an email, he did a web search for the best chocolate eclairs in Dallas. He came up with a two-year old SideDish post begging the same question. He writes:

I’m trying to impress a girl. Need to know if there are any new best chocolate eclairs in Dallas. Thanks.


  • Greg Brown

    Hypnotic Donuts. The dough is light, the pastry cream flavorful and flowing, the chocolate well balanced. Like so many of their items, you taste the flavors, not the sugar.

  • peteflys

    I like the ones at the Black Forest Bakery over by NW Hwy at 5811 Blackwell St. The bakery is good the restaurant is the worst and service sometimes is lacking but to pick up a cake or pastry a good choice. I will try hypnotic donuts.

  • Christopher Mosley

    Southern Maid Donuts at 2492 K Ave in Plano. They are the only shop I’ve found that fills the eclairs with chocolate, as opposed to that really generic Boston creme. The chocolate has a malty texture similar to a lot of homemade cake frosting recipes, and it’s great.

    • Magda Belden

      I agree it’s the best donuts ever and
      they serve them hot if you go while they are
      baking them . They bake them fresh everyday
      and have been in the same location for 40 years
      . Christopher you have great taste.

  • LJT

    Still going with Rush Patisserie