Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Best Steak Restaurant for Dudes

Bachelor party season is just around the corner. How do I know that? I just got an email from a reader looking for a steak restaurant to host a pre-bachelor party dinner.

I detest cold butter pats on top of steak. Remember BLT?
I detest cold butter pats on top of steak. Remember BLT?

Bachelor party season is just around the corner. How do I know that? I just got an email from a reader.

I’m planning a pre-bachelor party steak dinner in Dallas for about 12 guys. Al Biernat’s? Most of these guys are working average, entry to mid-level jobs, so ideally we’d be spending in the $60-70 range, maybe a touch higher. That might put us out of range for Al’s. Any suggestions?



  • Catherine

    Really, Al Biernat’s is the best. It’s dark and very manly in there! You will get the very best service as well. Plus you can follow those steaks with coconut cream pie!!

  • Anonymous

    You’ll be hard pressed to keep is reasonable at a full-blown steakhouse without going the outback/saltgrass route. My suggestion would be to do Fogo de Chao — you’ll be able to beef down hard for the fixed $50/ea, make it $58 with tip, and that leaves just enough in the budget for a drink, and the people who don’t mind spending more can drink more.

  • Anonymous

    — Phelps

  • Greg Brown

    Bob’s at the Omni does a fine job as a straight-forward steakhouse. If you want a little more variety (and great cocktails) then Hibiscus is the way to go.

  • JtB

    Low end: Dunstons
    Med End: Bob’s
    Med High: Nick&Sam’s
    High: Al Biernat’s

  • TaylorKBrooks

    $60-$70 isn’t going to get you very far with drinks…

  • dallasirish

    Pappas Bros, Al Biernat’s or Bob’s.

  • Patrick Rogers

    The best is Dunston’s on Harry Hines ask for Tabitha in the bar and be sure to have Mr. Dunstan introduce himself to the group. The bar has a smoking porch adjacent and two large. tv. The filets ate the absolutr best in the city for the price.

  • Rick Lopez

    Hoffbrau’s at West End is a good place to get a steak and a couple of drinks well within that amount. And it’s very dude-centric! Not fancy, but after a couple of brews, who would notice?

  • James Fontana

    If you choose BOB’s you won’t have to pay for sides La Carte. They may help. At Al’s plan to drop $100-$150 each. Good luck.

  • lalani

    Capital Grill….best service….great food….always consistent….you can then walk over to Dee Lincoln Bubble Bar, Prime, Concrete to grab drinks….

    • Suzanidy

      You’ll spend $70 at Bubble Bar before you walk through the door plus I hate that place.

  • lalani

    Capital Grill….great food, great location…..after you eat you can go grab drinks/women at Bubble Bar, Concrete or Prime Bar, which are all walking distance…

  • kindallas

    I’m stuck thinking entry level, average –> mid level jobs…$70.00 is a lot of $ for one dinner :-/. Echoing others, don’t forget how pricey drinks are. Others offer better ideas than I could come up with, although it seems to me that a roughly $30-35.00 plate is the spot, then add in drinks, tips and tax. There’s your $70.00.

  • Suzanidy

    Nick and Sam’s hands down. I’m assuming they want to see gorgeous women while they’re eating? They’re there. Best food, sexy scene, amazing service. Cannot be beat.

  • Beau Davis

    You are looking at Dunston’s. No where near the best steak in town, but it is edible. Go to the back room at the Lovers Lane location and plow through a bunch of Dewars and the steak won’t matter.

  • Ducky

    The Keg (in Plano or Las Colinas) is a good option. Make sure your guys are all willing to spend as much as you think they are on dinner though! Even making $50K, I’d be reluctant to drop that much at a bachelorette party when I know I’m going to end up spending $50+ on drinks and etc. later. Also I would stay away from Dunston’s. Just my personal opinion, but the food sucks.

  • Dutch

    Beau’s got it right. if you’re budget is $70 a head, that won’t get you anywhere at any of the “nice” steakhouses – you’ll be wasting your time and money b/c you won’t get the full experience. hell, you’ll be down 10% of your budget to valet your car.

    go to Dunstons park behind the building, go in the back door and eat in the back room (like you know what you’re doing). At Dunston’s you can get Steak, potato & salad bar for $12 and have $58 left for drinks and they pour strong. you can pre/post drink at inwood tavern or the TOT.

  • P1 Dude

    Check out Texas Land & Cattle… They have a new menu and their steaks are high quality – no hormones or antibiotics… They also have some cool cocktails and a nice selection of Texas craft beer…

  • Jakob McDowra

    Dee Lincoln’s Steak & Burger Bar, 2626 Howell Street. Ask for Tony Porcaro, the best GM in Dallas, will make any experience the best you’ve had! Check the website for a look at the menu, but I think you’ll be pleased.

  • Deez

    Plus after leaving the TOT you won’t remember the steak anyway.

  • chlsdf

    just man up and go to Al Biernat’s. It’s the ol’ boys club there and they have great food.

    My personal favorite steak is at Abacus, and I also really love Del Frisco’s.

  • Trust me

    Dee Lincoln’s is an awesome place to go!! You can start at Dee Lincoln’s steak and burger bar on Howell St for an unbelievable meal and say hi to Tony Porcaro!! Let him know it’s a bachelor party and he will make sure you have a great time!! After you fill up head over to the bubble bar about 3 minutes down the road! Great service and great drinks!!

  • mangodreamsicle

    Steve Field’s

  • Amy Severson

    Sevy’s Grill, Preston Center. We have lots of manly men there every day.

  • Mike

    Yeah, and Capital Grille is owned by Darden so it’s kin to Red Lobster and Olive Garden. Scratch both of these.

  • agree

    Dee Lincoln Steak & Burger Bar for sure. You can’t beat Tony and a steak from Dee.

  • dallasboiler

    I haven’t been since the proprieter’s passing, but Louie’s has a pretty damn good steak for the money. You guys might be able to get set-up in a corner to keep your festivities relatively private. There would be plenty left in your budget to have many drinks (and pay for a driver).

  • rvponders

    Pappas Bros is my personal favorite with Del Frisco’s a firm second.

  • Jojo

    Screw the budget and go to Nick & Sam’s. Best atmosphere, vibe and food combo in the city. Great looking female staff along with great service. The gorgeous blonde GM is the hottest of the bunch.
    If you have to stick to your budget, then choose one of the Brazilian steakhouses. Great deal for big groups.

  • Jeff Barker

    Go to Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House. You can have a great Steak and then have a cigar in The Cigar Lounge. Listen to great live music and be served by beautiful girls.

  • BLD

    How about Kirby’s Woodfire Grill on Greenville. Those who want to pop for a decent steak can get it and those who need to scale back but still get a decent meal can find something as well. Ask for Kevin the manager. He’s a great host and can recommend a good choice wine to meet your budget.

  • conservexx

    No to Al’s for this. Too tightly packed, too loud, & overrated. I second Hoffbrau or Dunston’s. You can get rowdy here

  • LisaH

    Kenny’s Wood Fire Grill in Addison!! Great atmosphere, service and their steak is delicious. Anything on the menu is great.

  • chelsey

    I would suggest Dunston’s on Lovers Lane. Great steaks, great salad bar, great drinks and a man’s
    atmosphere. The price is right. They do many large parties and Gene Dunstons will be there to greet you.

  • chelsey

    Dunstons on Lovers Lane is the best place to go. Great steaks, great salad bar and wonderful drinks. Dark manly atmosphere and the price is right.