Help This Poor Girl: Restaurants That Specialize in Texas Wines

More brains are better than one.

McPherson Cellars'  2010 CABERNET SAUVIGNON (via
McPherson Cellars’

A gal with a taste for grapes just asked me if I know of any Dallas restaurants with a nice list of Texas wines.

Nancy is in an edit meeting, and I’m at a loss for suggestions.

Any ideas, SideDishers?




  • Bolsa

    Bolsa has about 10 Texas wines on our list right now!

  • cb_foodie

    Stampede 66. They also have Texas whiskeys and beers.

  • JIJ

    Jack Mac’s at Preston & George Bush. They specialize in TX wines, Beer & Spirits. The food is pretty awesome as well.

  • Anonymous

    I was going to say Jack Mac’s, but I wasn’t sure. I never notice the wine list when the beer list is as good as theirs.

    — Phelps

  • Foodie123

    CBD has a few great options including McPherson, Becker, and Duchman vineyards.