Café Momentum Presents: Uncle Nancy’s Tongue in Cheek Café Dinner

Our dining critic, Nancy Nichols, is going to be a guest chef for a Cafe Momentum pop-up dinner. Check out Uncle Nancy's Tongue in Cheek Cafe dinner.

tongue-in-cheek2I try and stay in the background, especially when it comes to media dinners and public events. Last summer, I broke my vow. I donned a pig suit for D Magazine’s 100 Best Restaurants in Dallas party and took pies in the face for $20 a toss. I left with a bruised jaw and my eyes burned from cheap whipped cream, but we raised $750 for the North Texas Food Bank.

On February 6, I joined my colleagues at D Academy for a tour of the Youth Village Resources center. The facility is dedicated to helping juvenile offenders, ages 10 to 17 years old, reach their law abiding potential and to diverting them from further involvement with the juvenile justice system. Most of you are familiar with this program because of Chad Houser, the chef/executive director of Café Momentum, the pop-up restaurant program that provides a culinary training program for at-risk young men residing in the Youth Village. The long-term goal of Café Momentum is to open a permanent restaurant that will provide jobs to the kids who want to break the cycle of their life and set out on a new career path.

I’ve been a long-time supporter of Café Momentum, but after I witnessed how the program works in real life, I decided I wanted to do more. Today, I’m happy to announce a special Café Momentum production: Uncle Nancy’s Tongue in Cheek Café. Yes, I am going to cook and the winner of the dinner for eight will be determined by an online raffle. I also wanted to give the hard-working young men some extra incentive. I am going to ask four of them to be diners instead of servers. The head waiter? Chad Houser.

The winner not only gets to sample my award-wining cuisine (Best Soup in Dallas, D Magazine 1975), they get to write a 500-word restaurant review that will be posted here on SideDish and promoted across the galaxy by D Magazine’s and Café Momentum’s social media network.

Tickets are $25 each OR 5 for $100. That’s right, for every $25 you donate, your name will be entered into the raffle.  Donate $100 and your name will be entered five times!  Donate $200 and your name goes in TEN TIMES! Obviously, the more tickets you buy the better chance you have of being the winner. The good news is: nobody loses. Your money goes directly to the fundraising efforts of Cafe Momentum. Come on! Give four of the hard working young men at Dallas Youth Village a chance to be served a delicious meal with good people. It’s gonna be a love-in. The winner will be picked and announced on, fittingly, on April 1. Here is the link to buy raffle tickets. For details on the dinner,click on the “Donate and Win” Tab.


  • DallasUncorked

    Awesome Nancy, if you need an additional prep cook, let me know!

  • DGirl

    When will the dinner take place? I need to clear my busy schedule before entering.