After a Long Wait, The Establishment is Open

The oyster bar connected to Smyth is finally here.

Go have an oyster party at The Establishment (photo via Facebook)
Go have an oyster party at The Establishment (photo via Facebook)

It’s been so long since we’ve heard anything about The Establishment, the oyster bar connected to Smyth at 4513 Travis Street—I almost forgot it existed. According to the Dallas Morning News, though, the oyster-centric restaurant has started dinner service already.

Michael Martensen’s walk-out last November from Cedars Social and Smyth left owner Brian Williams running the show. Martensen was deeply involved with all three concepts before his departure.

Before this week, The Establishment hosted oyster jams (aka parties), and its Facebook page has been semi-active since October 2012. Almost a year and a half later, The Establishment is announcing that doors are open.


  • InTheKnowDallas

    Is Smyth still open? And are we still supposed to make reservations for Smyth using The Establishment on Open Table?

    • Carol Shih

      Smyth is still open. I can’t answer your second question, though.

  • Michele DeSalme

    Used to be that you made ressies at Smyth through their Facebook page….who knows now!

  • Michele DeSalme

    Glad to hear that The Establishment is open. Will have to give it a go