Primo’s Tex-Mex in Uptown Closed Saturday. Will it Reopen?

Primo's, the popular Tex-Mex restaurant in Uptown, closed on Saturday.

Primo's no mas. (Photography by Jerry McClure)
Primo’s no mas. (Photography by Jerry McClure)

Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins, the breaker of all things newsworthy,reports Primo’s, the popular Tex-Mex spot on McKinney, closed “abruptly on December 20.” According to Gubbins, employees showed up and found a sign on the door noting the restaurant was closed and thanking the patrons for 28 years “patio fun and margaritas.”

Eddie Cervantes opened Primo’s in 1986. He sold it to Phil Lacerte and Frank Linero in 2009. In June 2011, SideDish reported Robert Columbo (Sfuzzi) bought the place but kept Lacerte and Linero as partners. Two months later, I asked Columbo to define his status. He replied:

“Gee, I don’t have a definitive answer to it,” Colombo said. “We never did day-to-day or controlled the bank accounts. I’d say I’m actively negotiating and not technically a partner.”

“We are going through difficult negotiations,” Colombo said. “We aren’t sure if it will be finalized but its been a good experience. We had the basics finalized. They aren’t restaurant guys and they brought us in to do renovations. But they’ve been in Aspen and the Bahamas so we didn’t get it executed.”

The Lake Ray Hubbard location remains open. I’m getting out my finger shovels and going digging for information. Details to follow.


  • jmckee

    I walked by on Sunday and noticed city permits issued to Primos for new signage and an awning and as I was reading it without saying a word a guy drove up in a Mercedes SUV, left his car running in the valet lot across the street and ripped the permits off the window, walked back across the street and drove off.

    The permits specifically mentioned being issued to Primos.

    • Nancy Nichols

      Good report.

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  • dkv

    I think PegasusNews mentioned a BMI lawsuit and the constable’s seizure of the premises. You can look-up the court records, it isn’t a BMI suit, but a suit from Cheung-Loon, LLC. 08-9267-G Dallas District Courts. They also seized their bank accounts. I feel bad for the staff being out of a job right before the holidays.

  • nicole

    pretty sure it is a lawsuit from a drunk driving accident…dont know all the details though.

  • Tamale Guy

    Went to pick up our tamales for Christmas from LaVictoria today and they where closed. Our Christmas is ruined!!!

  • lfh resident

    I was having lunch there 5-6 years ago with some coworkers. My friend noticed that one of his rice grains was moving. We were all stunned to watch it wiggle to the side of his plate, hop off and wiggle across the table. The owner claimed it to have come from the lettuce. Needless to say, none of us ever went back.

  • elena34

    How can a money-making machine go bust? How can Robert Columbo be unable to article his partner/investor status?

    Just curious how it can all go south.