John Tesar Talks Untethered Veal to Wall Street Journal, Plans to Open a Steak Restaurant in Dallas

John Tesar plans to open a steak house in Dallas.

Jo likes her veal like she prefers her men: untethered.
Jo likes her veal as she prefers her men: untethered.

A lot of restaurants are devoted to local farmers and food producers. They feel it is a effective path to building a loyal food community. I agree. I also think that line of thinking should apply to local media. We sit at computers on our days off and keep up with what is going on around us and it chaps our sasses to find local news in national newspapers. Lest you chefs and restaurateurs forget, posting your news on a blog is free publicity for you or your restaurant. How about you share the love?

At the center of my brief tirade is John “Look at Me” Tesar. Today, I ran across this article in the Wall Street Journal in which Tesar reveals his plans to open a  “meatery,” a steak restaurant with a strong feminine side and a real chef. (Not girly like Ed Bailey’s garish joints.) Think tomboy chic but more Jo Polniaczek (Facts of Life) than Rihanna.

Tesar’s interview revealed he’s into  “untethered veal,” game, and “other under appreciated meats”. Like what, I don’t know. Wolf? Bear? Warthog? Where will he open this den of braised beasts? My sources point to a location at the corner of Mockingbird and Central. Clue: zip code gone.

Update: Tesar just graced me with a text: “The restaurant will be called Knife. It will be in old Central 214 space.” One wonders what cuisine void Fork will fill. Or maybe a string of casual Spoon Bar and Restaurants called Teaspoon.



  • ldascha

    Oh no, say it ain’t so. We love Central 214, have dinner there several times, love their menu. Not a fan of Tesar. I guess we will have to find another regular neighborhood spot.

  • Poète n’a pas d’importance

    Fugue for the Restaurant Investor

    I’ve got the chef right here
    he’s a winner, no fear
    and there’s a guy who says that if the check does clear,
    Can do, can do, the guy says the chef can do
    If he says the chef can do,
    Can do, can do.

    For the name you’ll bite
    I hear his cooking’s all right
    Of course it all depends on what he drank last night.
    Big dollar, big hollar, your wallet just got a little smaller
    If you like to spend, a fiscal collar,
    Now you’re a real restaurant baller.

    Says the guy (he’s sincere)
    “Pay our losses this year”
    And he’ll take you on a ride that is not austere.
    Can do, can do, this guy says the chef can do
    What’s the risk, to you?
    Sign on the dotted line, wouldn’t you?

    I’m pickin’ out a cook,
    based upon his look
    And ignoring all the published gobbledygook
    Needs place, needs place, write out the check and embrace.
    Embrace, straight face,
    you hope this won’t end in disgrace.

    You’re pickin’ out a cook,
    based upon his look
    And hoping you don’t end up looking like a schnook,
    And the business plan was not overcooked.
    Oh look, on the hook,
    Don’t put away your old checkbook

    It’s the Epitaph,
    of Investors, by half
    “If I’d only known, I’d have bought a giraffe!”
    Big buck, money suck, the guy says you’re kinda out of luck
    If he says you’re out of luck
    Out of luck, out of luck.

    And just a minute, boys,
    The chef’s making some noise
    He says opening new places is something he enjoys.
    New place, save face, it could be his redeeming grace,
    Worst-case, just-in-case,
    A bankruptcy attorney and good hiding place.

  • Bill

    When you work for a publicly traded company and can do an interview with the WSJ you do it? Little more important than your blog

  • Alice

    @”Bill” – A local chef, especially one as unlikeable as Tesar, should not bite the hand that feeds him. I hope next time he has a press release to share, Nancy will remember that that WSJ is more important than Side Dish and she will step back to let the WSJ to print his story. (Good luck with that one!)

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