Chef Joanne Bondy Resigns From Old Hickory Steakhouse at Gaylord Marriott

joanneJoanne Bondy just texted the news: “I’ve resigned from the Gaylord Marriott. My last day is Friday.” Despite the steak-centric menu, Bondy elevated the food at the gargantuan hotel restaurant. She showcased the bounties of local farmers to visitors from all over the planet.

Bondy is the talented chef who partnered with Monica Greene and gave us Ciudad. The restaurant closed in 2007 and Bondy headed to Grapevine. The loss of Ciudad was mourned by many.

Bondy is taking some time off to travel with her parents and visit with friends. She plans to return to Dallas in a couple of weeks. Could the rebirth of Ciudad be a possibility? Stranger things have happened.


  • Margie Hubbard

    I can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. The Gaylord was just too far away for me.

  • AmyS

    You tease.

  • Hot Marrow

    I never cared for Chef Bondy. Her personality could be blunt and abrasive at times. Hopefully she’ll find another place other than DFW to call home while enjoying her vacation.

  • Barbara Lloyd

    I wish you well in your endeavour, treat your staff with respect this time around…you’ve been given another chance to redeem yourself …choose wisely.