Restaurant Review: Nova in Oak Cliff

Nova’s spinach and feta flatbread. (Photography by Kevin Marple)

This cozy Oak Cliff spot has matured into a dependable neighborhood restaurant. By 8 pm, the room was almost full and the bar was buzzing. The crowd consisted of families with kids, bikers, one all-girl party, and obvious regulars chatting with tattooed servers. The restaurant strives to live up to its gastropub billing but falls short on delivering consistent quality. I would expect a gastropub to offer more than 25 beers, especially when one of them is Lone Star. Our server recommended the Nova Ice Pick cocktail, which turned out to be a glass of iced tea with barely a hint of the advertised Van Gogh peach vodka. Perhaps the bar should serve it in a different glass—a server with a pitcher of iced tea stopped by and mistakenly topped it off.

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  • Gabe48

    Nova is good, but the best barbecue in Dallas, is Mac’s Barbecue on Main St., only open for lunch. The jalapeño sausage is “off the charts”, and big meaty ribs, great sauce

  • twinwillow

    Sorry, but Mac’s BBQ is HORRID! I got the worst food poisoning in my life after eating there. Eater’s, beware!

  • Gabe48
  • Nancy Nichols

    why are we talking about barbecue?

  • BradfordPearson
  • LJT

    Kind of a disappointing review for one of my OC faves, but I’ll look at it on the bright side…maybe it will keep the Parky/Uptown crowd in Bishop Arts and leave Nova to the locals 🙂

  • twinwillow

    I’m very disappointed to read that the normally excellent food at Nova has been “downgraded”. It’s one of my favorite restaurants. Hopefully, chef Ian’s recent move to Jack Perkins’ Slow Bone BBQ hasn’t been the cause of the poor review.

  • primi timpano

    I don’t eat there regularly but the menu is interesting, it has bar basics, and while I did not count the number of beers being served, I would say 25 is plenty, even a bit of overkill. Nice place, and I’ve heard some good music there, too.

  • Corky Luxembourg

    I love it when holier-than-thou “locals” think they have a lockdown on coolness and imagine that they are better than someone from a different neighborhood.

  • LJT

    I’m not cool at all Corky, or I would actually like to be where the in crowd is…not a place with limited beer selections and full of OC families. 🙂