Wash What You Eat: Cyclospora Outbreak in North Texas, Ctd.’

Cyclospora bug in a tummy.
Cyclospora bug in a tummy.

On August 7, Bradford Pearson’s post on D Healthcare Daily alerted us to the cyclospora outbreak story in North Texas.  Today, he files a follow-up noting the 280 people in Texas infected with cyclospora don’t appear to be related to the cases linked to the salad mix from Taylor Farms of Mexico.

Public health investigators have interviewed ill people in Texas about their exposures during the two weeks before they became ill. The interviews covered what food they ate, and where they ate and purchased their food. On the basis of these interviews, investigators have identified a cluster of ill people who reported eating at the same restaurant, though that restaurant did not serve the tainted salad mix, from Taylor Farms of Mexico.

Can we just get rid of salad mix altogether? Lettuces trapped in plastic bags or containers is just not a good idea.