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Urban Acres is Building a Farmstead in Oak Cliff

By Carol Shih |
photography by Kevin Marple
photography by Kevin Marple

Everybody and their mother is using Kickstarter these days to get their businesses up, but sometimes the cause is so worthy I have to put it up on SideDish. Like this one.

Urban Acres, your source for local, organic food, is expanding on its “co-op style” produce program and trying to impact the Dallas community even more with a new farmstead in Oak Cliff, about five minutes away from downtown.

Here’s what Urban Acres has to say about it on Kickstarter:

Our Vision

We want to create a small oasis, (1300 sq ft) in the historic neighborhood of Oak Cliff right in the heart of Dallas, that brings together the best of Texas farms and local artisans under one roof. Imagine a place where patrons can enjoy deliciously prepared local food, learn about aquaponic gardening, the importance of bees, feed chickens and enjoy a cup of locally roasted coffee in a rocking chair on our front porch.  A place for our community to interact over food and the idea that local food matters to take root while sipping ice tea.  It might be the craziest thing we’ve dreamed up, but so was bringing organic fruits and veggies from Texas farmers into the city and because of the Urban Acres Family we have been able to make that a reality.


  • City Permits, Demo, Construction, & Plans
  • 4 Foot Cheese Case
  • Open Kitchen to slice and dice veggies and fruit
  • 300 Sq Ft Aquaponics Garden
  • Bee & Butterfly Garden
  • Front Porch Patio with Communal Table & Rocking Chairs
  • Nice Beautiful Sign for Front of Store
  • Lights and Signs for Inside of Store
  • Big New Front Door

Construction has already started on the farmstead, but Urban Acres is still about $24,000 away from its $30,000 goal. Give ’em some love if you can. You can get heirloom seeds and a rooster sticker if you pledge $20.

[Update: The farmstead will be in the same space on the corner of Greenbriar and Beckley that Urban Acres was supposed to move into this past spring.]